Fireworks explode all around the stage as Ultra Brawl X kicks off! The Ford Field in Detroit Michigan is sold out as fans are excited to see the tenth edition of EUWC’s staple event.

“WE ARE LIVE from the Ford Field in Detroit Michigan! I’m Scott Marchman and with me is John Shaft.”

“And on behalf of EUWC, we welcome you to Ultra Brawl X. Scotty ma man, this is gonna be a spectacular night!”

“Indeed it is, and stop calling me Scotty!”

“You wish!”

“We’ve got an exciting lineup for all you fans in attendance and all the fans watching worldwide. W.A.R. continues in the EUWC as Jay Smash & AOD will defend the tag titles against Hawkeye & Braden Kincaid.”

“Both teams have pretty shaky foundations. Kincaid & Hawkeye are teaming up for the first time while Smash and AOD have been at odds especially after what happened on Mainframe.”

“That’s true, and let’s not forget Nero is out for blood against Beast for all the times he’s cost Nero some major matches. And Classy Mike C has a grudge match against the new Mr. Money in the Bank Cobris Grayson.”

“What I’m interested in seeing is the Gold Rush Final! T-Waring is gonna beat the crap out of Sean Taylor’s lazy old @$$.”

“What the hell are you talking about Shaft!? Taylor’s been fighting tooth-and-nail to get to the end of this tournament, just like Waring has. This promises to be a great encounter between a veteran and an upcoming superstar.”

“Whatever. Taylor should be retired and staying at home! Away from Wrestling!”

“As opposed to retiring and doing color commentary?”

“Hardy har har!”

“And let’s not forget the big two. Garrison defends the International Title against Lord Alucard, but this is more about vengeance than it is gold isn’t it?”

“He had it coming Scotty! Alucard was the one who brutalized Lynch Garrison & put him on the injured list. He deserves everything he’s gonna get tonight!”

“And finally, STEALTH defends the World Heavyweight Championship against the “Ego Buster” Dan Ryan who’s long overdue for his title shot!”

“Yeah and STEALTH has no chance considering Dan Ryan has Daymon & Benjamin watching his back, and his latest allegiance with Garrison should make sure the “Ego Buster” walks out tonight as Worlds Champion!”

“Well let’s head to the ring now for our first match…”



Ultra Brawl has always been a memorable event. This time isn’t any different. Alucard has watched an entire night unfold where rivalries have been settled, factions have cracked and a new player has emerged in the title scene. Watching the finals of the Gold rush tournament left him with satisfaction. At least he knows the right person got the title shot.

The bell rings and the announcement is made. “This next contest is a No-Disqualification match, for the International Championship!”

Alucard’s music hits and he leaps from the rafters. He thinks of past Ultra Brawls when his first outing earned him the World Championship inside a Hell in the Cell. His second was a “legends collide” match against Sean Taylor which didn’t go his way, but did give him a match for the ages. His last match at Ultra Brawl was a personal victory as he made his return to the ring after 2 years. Now, again, this will be a night to remember. Alucard knows that Garrison is out for revenge tonight, but he’ll try to redeem himself. If there is a soul within Garrison, he knows he’ll earn forgiveness for what he did. The only thing Alucard hasn’t pondered on yet, is what if he doesn’t?

Alucard lands in the ring much to the fan’s excitement. He looks around the crowd as “Alucard” chants break out. Alucard takes off his coat and glasses as Garrison’s music hits. “The Hazard” comes out to stage with his International Title around his waist and a microphone in hand. The crowd boos as Alucard watches his opponent, who seems to be in no hurry to come down to the ring.

“Lord Alucard”, Garrison finally speaks. “Tonight was supposed to be about vengeance. The night that I give you what you deserve after what you did to me. But vengeance aside, I started to think about how this match could be an International Title match, if you haven’t earned the shot. So I thought, it isn’t too late yet, and since you’re already in the ring, you won’t have any problem in earning that shot right NOW!

The fans boo at this as Alucard grabs a mic to answer back.

“Garrison, the International Title is not my concern; it never was till you brought it up. I still don’t need the title shot, what we do need to do is settle whatever issues we have between us.”

“Well that’s too bad,” Garrison responds coyly, “coz I just promised my good friend over here…” Garrison points to the stage as Johnny Lao emerges from behind the curtain, “… that he would get to be the one who challenges me for the title. So I told him, hey I got no problems, but you Alucard, might. So he’s all pumped and ready to prove his point to you.”

The crowd is confused as is Alucard while Lao enters the ring. The referee receives word from the back and informs Kandi about the development.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, by order of Matt Pickstock, the following match is for the International Title contendership.”

The crowd now boos as the bell rings. Johnny Lao and Alucard circle around till Lao pounces at Alucard with martial arts chops and elbow jabs. Lao seems to have Alucard staggered as he goes for an Irish whip that Alucard reverses, only to earn a spinning kick to the face! Lao goes for a cover but Alucard gets the shoulder up soon enough. While Alucard gets up, Lao bounces off the ropes but Alucard tosses him out of the ring. Lao hangs on to the apron and hits Alucard with a hangman drop. While Alucard is staggered, Lao flies off the ropes with a hurricarana!

Lao raises his arms in the air as the crowd boos him and goes to pick Alucard, but Alucard takes him down with a belly to back suplex! Alucard brings Lao outside and takes Lao out with a powerbomb through the announce table! Alucard returns to the ring as the referee counts Lao out. Alucard looks at Garrison who is irate as the referee calls for the bell, awarding the match to Alucard.

“Wait up, wait up. Did I say ‘friend’? I actually meant, friends!”

Mac now comes down to the ring as Alucard hits him with a right hand to start the fight early. The bell rings as both men are brawling with rights and lefts till Alucard gets the upper hand and after an Irish whip takes down Mac with a powerslam! Alucard picks up Mac to take him down with an Einhander, but Mac shakes himself off and hits Alucard in the face with a blackjack he took out from his pocket! The referee promptly disqualifies him and Mac leaves the ring.

Alucard looks at the entrance but Garrison is nowhere in sight. Alucard continues looking till Andre Martinez hits Alucard from behind with a steel chair. Alucard doesn’t go down though and turns around only to get hit again with a chairshot to the head!

Martinez drops the chair and joins Mac outside who’s picked up Lao from the announce table debris. Garrison’s music hits again as this time Garrison brings out his Range Rover from the entrance. Garrison parks it right in front of the ring and gets out to high five his entourage. Garrison enters the ring and stands over Alucard like a vulture. Garrison picks up Alucard and takes him down again with a thunderous Chokeslam! Garrison picks him up again and hits yet another chokeslam! Quickly Garrison climbs up the top turnbuckle and hits Alucard with the Terrarizer!

Alucard is now spitting blood as Garrison now laughs. He brings Alucard out of the ring. Garrison is about to hit Alucard head first into the Rover’s bulbar but Alucard blocks and hits Garrison’s head instead! Alucard shows some more resilience by hitting Garrison into the bulbar twice again before whipping Garrison right into the Rover’s front! Suddenly Martinez stops the onslaught by taking Alucard down with a clothesline.

Garrison recovers and is irate. He picks up Lord Alucard with Martinez’ assistance and ram’s Alucard head first into the Rover’s windscreen, just like it happened to him. The crowd falls silent as Alucard is motionless while Garrison continues to yell in his bloodied face.


Garrison pulls Alucard out of the truck and shoves him back in the ring. The Entourage come in and hold Alucard up, whose face is bloodied and stuck with windscreen bits. His face looks like a Halloween mask as Garrison continues to hammer away at him. Lao gets Garrison a microphone who’s staring at Alucard.

“Games over Alucard! Your time is up! I told you I was gonna get rid of you once and for all. You will never EVER continue to be dominant again! You will be a footnote in EUWC’s history. Cause I’ve finally broken you down Alucard. You are not gonna come back from this. This is the end, and you know it was me who brought it to you. Admit it. In front of all these people, ADMIT IT NOW!”

Garrison brings the mic to Alucard’s mouth, whose labored breathing is evident as he speaks.

“Go to HELL!” and Alucard spits blood in Garrison’s face.

Garrison falls back cleaning the blood off his face as the Entourage beat away on Lord Alucard. The three on one assault continues till Garrison shoves everyone out of the way. Garrison picks up a helpless Alucard by the throat and spits right back in his face. Garrison picks up Alucard for a Military press and has him up for a long time before bringing him down with full force on his knee for a cracking backbreaker! Garrison picks him up in another military press and hits another backbreaker. This happens for a third time till the only motion Alucard’s body can exhibit is breathing. His limbs lie motionless & wrecked and Alucard can only look at the lights as Garrison and the Entourage look down on his fallen body.

The referee gets the four away as medical crew head down to the ramp with a stretcher. The Entourage gets in the pickup and leaves while the medics tend to Alucard, who hasn’t moved a bit after the last backbreaker. The crowd is dead silent in gloom as Alucard is put on a stretcher with a neck brace. Medics take the stretcher to the back as several wrestlers pour out to get a glimpse of Lord Alucard on his way to the ambulance. The stretcher runs past STEALTH who was heading for his World Title Match.

The World Champion pauses to watch Alucard being loaded on the ambulance. This didn’t have to happen. Garrison was totally out of control and out for vengeance, but this? This goes beyond humanity and when the night is done, STEALTH will be out for answers. But right now, he’ll have to put Alucard as priority 2. Dan Ryan’s going to be a handful, and with what happened to Alucard, the odds look very off from where he stands now.

NEXT: The saga continues in Arc 2.
The fate of Lord Alucard after suffering a brutal injury.
The Champions & the Contenders.
The Turf battles.
and more….



The last three weeks had been great for Lynch Garrison. Professionally, he had won the International Championship for a fourth time and highlighted the last two main events on Mainframe. Personally, he had gotten under Alucard’s skin as his plans had come to near fruition. He’d even gotten Mac a taste of what it’s like to have vengeance in mind. Garrison had seen the look on Mac’s face after his match with Alucard last week. The look that he was disappointed with the way Martinez had ruined the end to his story tale match last week.

That was the last thing the Hazard needed; an ally with a soul. Which is why it was too important for him to corrupt his sense of honor. He already skipped one kid with a conscience, so it was mandatory he didn’t need to clip someone else off his wings too. As Mainframe closed last week, Garrison had Mac escape in his SUV to dupe Alucard into frustration, long enough for Garrison to make his move. Garrison was satisfied that now Mac wouldn’t question his better judgment again.

This night on Mainframe needed to be special. It was the last Mainframe before Ultra Brawl X so it was bound to be one of those “fever pitch” shows. Waring had already beaten Nero after yet another distraction by Beast that let Waring advance to Ultra Brawl in the Gold Rush tournament. This prompted Matt Pickstock to book a match between Nero & Beast at UBX to settle their differences once and for all. The setup for the Tag Title match saw Braden Kincaid take on Jay Smash in another competitive match, if it wasn’t for AOD’s interference. Smash looked visibly upset at this, but it seemed like a trend with W.A.R. Still, Kincaid and Hawkeye would get their chance at UBX to get those tag belts away from them.

The night also saw Sean Taylor earn another hard earned victory, this time over Adam Benjamin, to advance in the Gold Rush. Taylor was set to face Waring at UBX, and Garrison wonders it’s been a long road for Taylor. Only years ago did Garrison have a large hand in taking Sean Taylor off from his game, and yet Taylor always came back persistent as ever. Perhaps after he’s done with Alucard, he could probably take Taylor out again. But right now, it was all about Alucard.

Garrison would finally get an opportunity to soften up his opponent for UBX. In his good wisdom, Pickstock had set Alucard to team up with STEALTH in order to take on Dan Ryan and Lynch Garrison. Garrison could imagine that Alucard has been waiting for this moment, almost as much as Ultra Brawl X. He saw Alucard make his jump to the ring again after STEALTH had entered. One look was enough to tell Garrison that Alucard’s face was tired. Tired of the assaults, the ploys, the mind games that Garrison kept throwing at him. Even after that, Alucard came coming back every night, focused enough to overcome him. Garrison knew that Alucard could take the punishment, and eventually it had to boil down at UBX where he’d finish him for good. Which is why he needed to do this tonight.

His partner Dan Ryan had stopped down the ramp, waiting for his partner. Garrison’s music hit and the Hazard came out on stage with his belt and microphone. The crowd was booing as Garrison spoke.

“Sorry to flush your hopes down the drain Alucard, but you see, I’m not really in the mood to bother with you tonight. See, I’ve been saving this moment for UBX to be so special, it’s really gonna make it a bore if I wrestle you tonight. So that’s why, I’m just gonna take the night off.”

The crowd gives a mixed reaction and even Dan Ryan looks agitated. Only Alucard remains expressionless.

“Whoa don’t worry Danny boy,” Garrison responds to his tag partner. “I’m not leaving you out in the cold. After all the help you and your pals have been, I’m gonna do you a favor.”

Garrison motions behind him as the music hits to reveal Andre Martinez coming from behind the curtain. The crowd starts to boo again as Martinez is pepped up by Garrison while he makes his way to the ring. At 6’8” and 290 lbs, Martinez is pure muscle that could give Dan Ryan and even The Hazard a run for their money. Garrison knew that STEALTH & Alucard didn’t expect this to happen, and now the veterans will need to change their strategy. Not that he doubts that two “longest reigning World Champions” wouldn’t take on the challenge, but still, Garrison had dropped another surprise.

The match itself had been a display of power, skill and experience. Dan Ryan had obviously taken the kid for granted as Martinez could definitely do a number on STEALTH. Martinez and Ryan kept tagging periodically to keep the World Champion isolated for a better part of the match, till it was only time when the Ego Buster got cocky, allowing STEALTH to use the opportunity to hit a running DDT! STEALTH had very little time before Ryan would make a tag when he tagged in Lord Alucard. Alucard, showing experience was just as important, leapt into the ring to first take out Martinez from the corner and whip the Ego Buster to the corner for right hands. Garrison watched as Alucard took out the # 1 Contender with a shoulder back toss and booted Martinez off the apron. Alucard didn’t look tired anymore as he had Dan Ryan within his control. Alucard tried to bounce off the apron till he spotted Garrison about to tackle him. This was enough time for Ryan to tag in Martinez, who took down a turning Alucard with a hard belly to belly suplex!

Martinez wouldn’t be happy for long as STEALTH flew off the top rope for a double axe handle to knock the big man off his feet! Dan Ryan and STEALTH then got into an exchange of right hands before their fight spilled outside, and into the crowd. Meanwhile, Martinez attempted a jackhammer on Alucard, only to have Alucard reverse it into an Einhander! The referee counts the pinfall and awards Alucard and STEALTH the match. The victory is short lived as Garrison knocks Alucard out with a spinebuster! Garrison then climbs up top and flies off with a Terrarizer on Alucard! Garrison, smiling over his fallen opponent, collects Martinez and makes his way up the ramp. It’s only then that he hears a cheer from the crowd and his name.


Both Martinez and Garrison turn around to look at Alucard sitting in the ring with a microphone in his hand. Garrison is shocked that Alucard is still able to draw enough breath to talk, but does notice Alucard clutching his stomach.

“For weeks, you’ve been talking, you’ve been plotting, and you’ve made your impact. Well the time for talk is now over. Go home, rest, prepare. This Sunday at Ultra Brawl, there won’t be any plans. There won’t be any exits. The time for talk is over. It’ll be just you and me.”

Garrison looks to be fuming as the crowd starts an ‘Alucard’ chant.

“If vengeance is what you want so badly, then do your worst. Its prove time Garrison. So either put up… or shut up!”

The crowd erupts this time and Garrison is none too happy. Martinez tries to get him backstage before anything else happens as the show goes off the air.


While he didn’t really realize why his friends Martinez and Johnny Lao wanted to be in the EUWC, Mac had a craving for action that only being in a top promotion would get him. He’d only been in the roster for a week and he’d seen the top stars perform right in front of his eyes. Only last week did he get to see two of his British neighbors duke it out in a brawl. He had seen T-Waring beat Classy Mike C at Bloodbath in a bar, but it was an entirely different experience watching it from the audience. He’d gotten a chance to be in the audience on request which Garrison obliged. The match itself was a treat for someone who craved the competition and Mac was astounded to see a picture perfect Commander Slam that sealed the victory for Waring.

He was also disappointed in seeing Nero win on the same night but not on his own, instead picking up the win by DQ after W.A.R. interfered yet again. Even if they cost Beast a shot at the title, they made an example of Nero yet again. Still, the match didn’t really provide him the competition Mac had hoped for, which is why he was glad to be a part of the main event last week. Even this edition of Mainframe was a treat to him. He was secretly happy that Sean Taylor had finally shaken a monkey off his back and defeated his rival Sevyn to advance in the Gold Rush Tournament. Third time’s the charm, he thought, or even the desire to become champion again was enough for Taylor to make a stellar effort.

Mac would have also wanted to see Hawkeye and Benjamin compete, but apparently the thrill of the competition had gotten to him, which is why he had pleaded Garrison for his permission to compete tonight. Garrison wouldn’t have accepted it in usual circumstances, but Mac knew how to get to his mentor’s approval. It was the second half of Mainframe after the break that Mac appeared in the ring with a microphone in hand. It was going to be his first time addressing a live crowd, which had already disapproved his arrival.

“All my career, the only thing that I have wanted more than anything, is competition. To be right where the action is, to get into the fight for all ages. And to be the one that takes the fight to a whole new level. I’ve always wanted to be right where the action is and tonight, I’m throwing myself right in the pit. That’s right, I’m calling you out, Lord Alucard!”

The fans go crazy as the commentators are baffled!

“Does this guy have a deathwish? Is he really calling out who I think he is?!”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch Scotty! Alucard’s obviously softened up after what happened to him last week.

Mac takes in all the cheers, even if they’re for his expected competitor. “You hear that Alucard? That’s the sound I relish! These people want to see action, just like I want to give it to them, and you don’t want to be the person that disappoints us. Come on Alucard! Come on down here! Show us what you’re made of! Give us what WE WANT!!!”

As if on cue, black flashes again from the roof as Alucard makes another jump down to the ring! Mac is taken aback just a bit. A mix of fear and thrill, this is going be a challenge indeed. Here he was, the “most Dominant Superstar” of the EUWC, or once upon a time he was. The former longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion, the man that nearly died inside Hell in a Cell, the former co-GM of Mainframe. Right here, in the ring with him. Mac was definitely in the snake pit.

Mac was definitely no slouch. Far from it; Mac stood at 6’3” and weighed in at 245 lbs. He had won several matches before for independent promotions, and was a star in his local league in Ireland. Mac had gone through a grueling regimen in his development league where he was among three that Garrison hand-picked to be by his side. All it took was for Alucard to take of his coat and the bell to ring and Mac sprung into action. With a flurry of right hands and a whip followed by a clothesline, and Mac had Alucard on the ropes! THE Lord Alucard!

It was an impressive showing as the two shared headlocks, whips and slams, but it was obvious that Mac did have his hands full. Even after a beatdown from last Mainframe, Lord Alucard was focused! Mac did expect Alucard to be more aggressive as he was one of Garrison’s protégé, but Alucard did have a knack of being gracious when it came to indirect aggression. Mac didn’t expect a victory; he wanted competition from the get-go, and Alucard brought that like no one else he had faced. Fifteen minutes into a grueling match and Alucard scored the pinfall after an Einhander!

Mac did want to shake his opponent’s hand but he wouldn’t get that chance as Andre Martinez pounced on Alucard! Martinez had attacked Lord Alucard with a shoulder block from behind even before the referee could raise his hand. Mac didn’t think this would happen, but obviously Garrison had wanted this to happen. Martinez caught Alucard in a bear hug for a while before slamming him hard onto the mat! Garrison and Johnny Lao appeared on stage as Martinez leapt off the ropes with a body splash on a fallen Alucard! Both Garrison & Lao applauded as Martinez raised a surprised Mac’s arm in the air as the crowd booed. Martinez went back up the ramp with Mac looking upset, but earned a pat on the back from his mentor.

Guess that was enough for Mac. He didn’t think he could win so soon. All he wanted was approval and competition. Then again, it just looked like there was no honor in defeat either.

Regardless, he was with the Hazard now. He’d get over concepts like ‘honor’ pretty soon. He still had the rest of Mainframe to watch. Hawkeye vs. Benjamin should have action too, and so should the main event with his mentor facing the World Champion. Of course Mac didn’t get much of a chance to see it. The fight between STEALTH and Garrison had spilled backstage where the ever so opportunistic Dan Ryan had ambushed the World Champion. Keeping STEALTH out of his agenda once again, Garrison had decided to exit leaving STEALTH & Dan Ryan to duke it out but saw a waiting Alucard at the end of the corridor. Garrison moved back as Alucard sinisterly made his way towards the Hazard when Lao & Martinez came to Garrison’s side. The Entourage moved towards Alucard but earned a lead pipe shot to the gut and back one by one. Garrison had high-tailed it by then as Alucard was in hot pursuit.

Alucard made his way out to the parking lot but Garrison had apparently escaped in his Range Rover. Alucard was fuming, but that didn’t last long as Garrison attacked him from behind with a garbage can! Alucard fell again as the Rover backed up in the lot. Garrison had a smile on his face as Mac got off the truck.

“Great stuff Mac!” Garrison said as he patted his protégé’s shoulder. “You’re gonna do great here!”

Mac had learned an important lesson. Honor can easily be substituted with Glory.


“Ring Rust” is defined as a condition when a wrestler returns to the ring after an absence and they don’t perform as well in the ring as they did before said absence. Garrison could use that excuse right about now, but he’d only been gone for a month or so. And yet, for some reason the Hazard was taking it slow against Rocko Daymon right now. Having his first International Title defense on the main event slot meant that both these competitors had to bring in their A-Game. No doubt Daymon didn’t intend to be a slouch. He’s held the gold before and of course had a point to prove. The loss against STEALTH was still reeling in his head and already he was sick of having another EUWC ‘fossil’ grab onto gold. Which would explain how fast and deadly he was showing himself against Garrison, who was only overpowering periodically.

The same Garrison who wouldn’t waste any time to get violent and literally thrash his opponents using the size advantage. However it was almost as if he was purposely trying not to exert himself. Daymon would probably laugh and want to crack another “old man” joke right now. He knew he had the edge all throughout this match, but had to be vary of any power attack. Fortune swung his way as after a smashing DDT, Daymon got a near fall. Daymon couldn’t believe his luck and started arguing with the referee, which provided enough time for Johnny Lao climb out of the audience. Lao handed the International Title belt to Garrison, who wasted no time to hit it head first into Daymon. The referee called for the bell as Garrison held the belt in his hand, waiting for Daymon to get back up.

Flashes of light come in different colors, most vibrant ones. Blue, red, green, purple etc. But black? That was a first. It was something Garrison saw just then as a black flash came right down to the ring that shocked him. Garrison had seen this backstage before, but right in front of him, in the middle of the ring, it was indeed enough to give someone a heart attack. Garrison is not one to fall for intimidation, but this time Lord Alucard had struck! The patented descent right into the center of the ring had Garrison heaving as he waited for Alucard to make his move, but this time, Alucard just stood still, looking at him. Looking at how in one single moment, Garrison had seen fear. Rocko Daymon, on the other hand, didn’t see the flash, which kept him agile enough to deliver the unexpected low blow to Alucard from behind!

“WHAT THE F–!?” Shaft exploded as the crowd started to boo heavily.

Garrison recollected himself and joined Rocko Daymon in stomping over a fallen Alucard. The New Breed and the Entourage had also joined them as Dan Ryan took over from Daymon to beat down Alucard with a clothesline! The plan had come to fruition. No one suspected that Garrison had planned this all along. Showing up at the exact time when the New Breed was in Pickstock’s office, supposedly arguing with Daymon, getting the main event match and resorting to dirty tactics were just the right ingredients to lure out Alucard into the open.

What Garrison didn’t count on was STEALTH interrupting the same moment. Perhaps out of respect for Alucard or returning the favor from last week, but mostly for getting to Dan Ryan, STEALTH had taken out Garrison’s entourage with the help of a steel chair before the Ego Buster struck and took down the champion with a spear! To Garrison, this was supposed to be all personal, but apparently he found himself a reward for the New Breed. Oh well, at least now they wouldn’t be hounding him for any favors. Besides which, he couldn’t be bothered with STEALTH right now. Not when he had Alucard right where he wanted him.

“ALUCARD!” Garrison yelled out in the microphone. “You think that you turning a new leaf changes anything? You think you come out here every night to do the right thing redeems you of what you did? Well IT DON’T CHANGE A THING! IT DON’T CHANGE WHAT YOU DID TO ME! YOU WILL NOT… BE… FORGIVEN! You hogged the spotlight in this company when you were in the Regime and you held me down to being second best! And then you took me away from my home in the cage at Bloodbath. But you do it like a coward!? Well my time’s gonna come soon Alucard, and I’m not gonna finish you off from your home at Ultra Brawl. I will not rest till I RID THIS WORLD OF YOU!!!”

Garrison drops the mic and orders the Entourage to pick him up. Martinez complies as he hoists Alucard towards Garrison, who grabs his throat for a vicious chokeslam! Garrison laughs as he looks around him. The New Breed had already laid the World Champion to waste on the outside and was about to leave and Alucard lay motionless in the ring. Garrison continues to laugh as Mainframe went off the air.

It was only when the Entourage got backstage when they were stopped by a seemingly unhappy Matt Pickstock.

“You know what Lynch? You may have gotten your way tonight by fooling me, but at least you took down both Alucard and STEALTH on the same night.”

Garrison smirked “Well Credit goes where credit’s due, and the New Breed gets that in spades.”

“I knew you’d say that, which is why you’d be glad to hear that Dan Ryan already called in the favor you owe them. Next week, you go head to head with the World Heavyweight Champion, STEALTH!”

“Is that so?” Garrison responded “Well I don’t mind the sneakin’ in this, but at least its gonna give me a chance to show my boys just what it takes to face the top dogs!”

“Speaking of which, you do know that you’re now into a match with Alucard at Ultra Brawl X. And since this is a grand event you’re gonna…”

Garrison saw this one coming “Yeah yeah I know, it’ll be a title match. No problem, I have no problems with defending the International belt, because it’s not gonna change the outcome, that I will DESTROY Alucard!”

“Actually, I was gonna suggest that this match be No Disqualifications, but what the hell! A no-DQ International Title match sounds just as dandy.”

Garrison couldn’t have been more pleased. “Go ahead, make it easy on him. He’ll need all the tricks, cos there’s no way he’s walking out of there in one piece, let alone this belt!”

Garrison thumps the belt with authority and walks away with the Entourage in tow. He’s a happy camper now that he’s gotten this Mainframe with stellar action. And even some fodder for too.


Matt Pickstock’s life in the EUWC has been a roller coaster, and yet by far is the only constant seen in EUWC since its inception. Commissioner  owner, CEO, high chief; they may as well name him the Grand Puba of EUWC. For that is what Pickstock’s legacy is. No matter what little to great event that takes place, Matt Pickstock has always pulled his weight around. Either out of sheer power trips or human compulsion, Pickstock has been involved in every major decision, controversy, breakthrough etc in the EUWC. Even when he confidently claimed he wouldn’t interfere in EUWC events, Pickstock called the biggest checkmate when he revoked both the World Heavyweight and the now defunct EUWC Championships during a stellar unification match between Nero & Hawkeye. While he claims that it was due to the match going out of control, critics and Nero in particular have claimed it was out of sheer ego.

A lot of people wonder if Pickstock ever read Bischoff’s “Controversy Creates Cash”, not just as inspiration to get the EUWC top draws, but also to see if he lives for the thrill of it! If the unification controversy wasn’t enough, he’s forced to start off the return of Mainframe to settle the fate of “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan’s MiTB contract. Eventually, after a heated discussion with the New Breed, it was settled that Dan Ryan would get his shot at Ultra Brawl X. If it were any other case, Pickstock would have tore up the contract in his face, but since STEALTH was the World Champion, Pickstock needed all the artillery he could muster. He’d only settled one issue when “The Hazard” Lynch Garrison entered the office along with the Entourage.

“So this is the New Breed, huh?” Garrison exclaims as both groups look alertly into each other with Pickstock in the middle.

“What do you want, Lynch?!” Pickstock finally spoke. “ I’ve already got my hands full than to deal with your problems already.”

“Oh there is a problem alright” Garrison answered. “I went out there looking for Alucard but turns out he’s not even here. What, did you give him the night off Matt?! Is this how you manage talent around here?!”

“Yeah Matty,” Daymon finally spoke. “You’re a real sloppy boss, when you let guys like Alucard drop off the radar. The guy’s probably sipping pinacolada while he cashes another cheque guys like us make for the company!”

“Uh, “thank you for giving my beefy buddy a World Title shot?!””

Daymon grins “Real cute ‘Prickstock’. Considering you just give out briefcases even when one isn’t done yet! Great management!”

Garrison smirks as Daymon looks on.

“You think that’s funny ‘Hazard’? Seriously Matty, if it’s bad enough with Alucard, now we’ve got this tub of lard back!”

Garrison is now irate: “What the hell do…”

“Yeah that’s right big man!” Daymon continues his tirade. “You disappear for a month cause of a papercut, and then just waltz in here and grab a major title, without even striving for it like any other hard working competitor. What gives you the right to do that, huh?”

“Papercut!? Well at least I didn’t lose out on my World Title shot just cause of taking a nap in the ring!”

“Why I outta…”

“KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO!” Pickstock finally manages to raise his voice. “Since the two of you wanna tear into each other so bad, let’s make it official! Garrison, you’ll be defending the International title tonight against Rocko Daymon!”

“Yeah?” Garrison responds. “Well that’s just fine by me! And guess what “hard-worker”, you may as well put your money where your mouth is, cause you’re in for the beatdown of your life!”

Daymon just smiles as the Entourage leaves. Pickstock heaves a sigh of relief as he’s addressing the New Breed.

“Ok wiseguys, you’ve got what you wanted. Now can you please take your ranting and raving out of my office?”

The New Breed is about to leave when Pickstock suddenly stops Daymon.

“Whoa wait a minute…” Pickstock says coyly, “Now that you boys got what you wanted, how bout you consider a proposition.”

Dan Ryan comes forward this time, not wanting to be left out of any discussion. “What did you have in mind, boss?”

“Well you see, both of you have major title matches that I can help you two with, and in return…”

“Hold it right there pops!” Ryan interrupts. “I see where this is heading. Look, as much as you like getting your hands on some new lackeys, The Ego Buster works for himself only! Rocko and Adam are just two of my closest associates, and we’re all on a mission to end the era of yesterday.”

“Exactly!” responds Pickstock “which is why I’m giving you this chance to shine all over the EUWC…”

“Forget it!” Ryan interrupts again. “ We’ve already got plans bigger than what you can imagine. And anyways, if there’s gonna be a revolt, the New Breed knows how to revolt!”

And with that, the trio leaves Pickstock to fume on his own. As if fuming over these ego maniacs wasn’t enough, the sound of Nero and Classy arguing their way to his office leaves him unhappier as always.

“Well maybe they have champions that dress in pink where you come from Nero, but my home country has a rich tradition of wrestling prowess!”

“Rich pansies is more like it Crappy!” Nero retorts Classy’s arguments. “The only thing you’re good at is losing to another Brit on PPV!”

“Why you dirty…”

Pickstock can’t stand this anymore “ENOUGH! Cant the two of you be civil for 5 freakin’ seconds?!” I’ve already had a busy night with the New Breed and Garrison than to have you two bickering around here.”

“Well he started it!” Nero retorts.

“SHUT UP! Not another word out of either of you! Now I know you guys need to take out your frustrations on WAR for all the times they’ve interfered in your matches, but it’s obvious that you two can’t co-exist for takeout even! As much as I need WAR out of here, I need to put all of you in an equation where you two can think clearly about what you’re doing. So I’ve got an idea. Next week on Mainframe, we’re gonna start the Gold Rush tournament. The finals gonna be at the Ultra Brawl X where we get the new # 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Now since you two are so eager, we’re gonna have first round matches tonight! Its gonna be you, Nero taking on BEAST! And Mike C, you’ll get your chance at redemption when you face off against T-Waring!

Both Nero and Mike C are pleased at the prospect and nod in approval.

“Are you two happy now? Good, now get out of my office! I need a break from EVERYTHING!!!”

Pickstock outbursts as the two leave, with Nero muttering “spoilsport” on his way out. Finally Pickstock can relax.


For over a decade, Mainframe has been the staple live event broadcast every week on television. Sold-out crowds would throng arenas where the event would be held live and broadcast on Fox. Only recently was Mainframe put on hiatus for the Onslaught tour which ended last week, so it was only fitting that Mainframe make its much awaited return.

And it’s been a return packed with controversy & action! A heated row to determine Dan Ryan’s eligibility as Mr. Money in the Bank is to be decided as Cobris Grayson now has the briefcase. The new #1 Contenders to the Tag Team titles intend on starting their campaign heading into Ultra Brawl X, where they face off Jay Smash and AOD for the gold. Nero is out for blood against WAR’s own Beast, after Beast has interfered against Nero to cost him both Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships since Bloodbath. Its sure to be a wild night again, but that’s nothing new with Mainframe for sure.

Fitting then, that the show starts off with the fallout from Onslaught. “The Hazard” Lynch Garrison appears on stage with his recently acquired International Championship belt, a title he won very controversially last week. He’s flanked with his ‘entourage’, three up-and-coming wrestlers that Garrison had met a few days before in developmental territories. The International Champion and his entourage make their way, amid a chorus of boos from the audience which Garrison just eats up and laughs off. The other three are somewhat nervous, mostly for being in front of a live audience. This is their big break and no way they would want to screw this up. They enter the ring and Garrison grabs a mic, but before he speaks, he looks up and around into the sky.

“I got a feeling he’s looking for Lord Alucard up there,” Shaft exclaims.

Marchman, never failing to respond to any of his partner’s statements: “True but as we’ve seen before, Alucard just doesn’t get sighted very easily.”

“Well, well, well!” Garrison finally speaks as the crowd still boos heavily. “Welcome back one and all, to Mainframe Live! The show that put EUWC on TV and has entertained for years and years. It only feels like yesterday that I made my debut on Mainframe. Those were some good times. And then there were some bad times too. Like this…”

Garrison points to the titantron where a photo of Garrison’s head bashed in a car windscreen is shown. The boos do die down a bit now as the air almost sounds sympathetic. Garrison continues…

“For those of you who saw this way back the last time Mainframe rolled around town, it must definitely have been hard to see. Definitely been hard to show this to your children who you probably brought along to their first wrestling event, or just annoyed you to bring them over. Now if it looks so bad to you, imagine me, who had to take it. In fact, take a good look at my face.”

Garrison is dead quiet as the camera zooms in to show the scars and marks on his face.

“They tell me that it took them 10 hours to get rid of every single little bit and shard of glass out of my face. They tell me it was real hard as windscreen glass doesn’t break like regular glass does. Regular glass is large pieces, but windscreen glass breaks into little bits that no one can really tell. If it wasn’t for all the bloody spots, they wouldn’t have been able to tell just how many were still stuck in my head. I could have told them if I was still awake, since I could feel every single bit of them. All the pain, all the misery of not even getting to chew food or it may hurt again. Imagine that happening kiddies.”

Not much of a reaction again. Both commentators are oddly silent.

“And yet, here I am! It took a while to heal all the wounds and get back on track, but for all the time it took, it got me to plan a little before I came back. I observed events in the EUWC and looked for spots to make my comeback. Not only that, I planned I would come back prepared. To do that, I got my hands on three of the most talented boys I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny what you’ll find in development territories. These three guys here with me are going to get the best opportunity to shine in the EUWC.”

Garrison heads to the first person on the right, a Caucasian with a semi built physique.

“First up, straight from the Emerald Isle, one of the best pure strikers you’ll see, Sio, uhh… Seee… sorry man, get it wrong every time, Siobhan MacDougal!”

MacDougal raises his arms in the air to a mixed reaction.

“Hey man”, Garrison address MacDougal, “don’t mind, but just to make it easier, I’m gonna call you ‘Mac’ from now on, okay?”

‘Mac’ nods as Garrison smiles and moves on to the next person.

“Next up, straight from the Peoples Republic of China, please welcome Johnny Lao!”

Lao takes a bow to another mixed reaction. Garrison finally moves on to the last person.

“And finally, a guy who I wouldn’t want to mess with in a bar. Pound for pound the best brawler and physically intimidating guy you’ll see, next to me of course. Give it up for Andre Martinez!”

Andre smirks and blows a kiss to the crowd.

“So then I had my entourage, three up and comers who put their faith in me, while I trust them to watch my back. The next thing I needed was to pick my time to come back. I could have taken a hiatus for a year before returning, but I was hungry enough to eat a horse to come back! I picked the right time when EUWC was in total chaos. With nothing but confusion and questions, and chaos! Then came the right moment, and it was fate that the International Title here was vacant. This is the very title that has the distinction for being the title ‘hazardous’ enough to get, and rightly so, you’re looking at the “International Hazard”.

“International Hazard?!” Marchman retorts as the crowd starts booing somewhat.

“That’s a good one Scotty!” replies his partner Shaft.

“And now that we’ve gone over the who and what, let’s get down to why. Why? I’ll tell ya why. LORD ALUCARD! THAT’S WHY!!!”

Garrison then looks back to the sky as the spotlight hits the rafters.

“Well Garrison finally said it, but where is Alucard?”

“Not up on those rafters, that’s for sure Scotty.”

The crowd cheered for a bit which died down as soon as they saw Alucard wasn’t there.

“Yeah that’s right, disappear Alucard. Disappear and stay away for as long as you can. But sooner or later, you’re gonna have ta own up to what you did to me! And I’m gonna make sure that payback is gonna be a b*tch! ALUCARD, listen up and listen good! This is only the beginning. Before it’s all said and done, I will destroy YOU!”

The crowd his booing now as Garrison has the megalomaniacal smile on his face.

“All that’s left to answer is how. Well, you’re all gonna find out soon enough!”

And with that, Garrison and his entourage take their leave, prompting the crowd to continue booing. The cameras pan up once more to the roof where the spotlights look for Lord Alucard, but he’s nowhere to be found.


The view from high above the rafters is a standard job requirement for broadcast camera crew. When promotions hire any camera crew, they make it a point to ask if they’re not scared of heights. A good dozen get fired a month whenever a camera’s dropped to the ground below. EUWC Camera crew has recently had to rely on remote cameras installed at the top. Not for the lack of volunteers, but only that the last cameraman on top almost scared himself to shit his pants when he ran into Lord Alucard. He was lucky to be caught by Alucard, and doubly lucky the spot below was occupied by a popcorn stand. The vendor was on a brb (bath room break). Lucky enough for the cameraman, so he didn’t need to get fired.

Shawn Michaels had dazzled sold out crowds with his patented slide from the rafters. Sting had created his mysterious persona every time the camera focused on the shadows of the rafters. Owen Hart had to kill himself to get the fans remember him forever. Alucard knows full well the risks involved in just standing up high. But his insistence to jump down to the ring at random has troubled management. To them, Alucard would have been a ticking time-bomb  though Matt Pickstock then became the happiest man alive. For a while he wanted Alucard out of the way, yet ‘suicide’ was one idea he never banked on.

Alucard of course, didn’t intend on suicide. He suggested the idea to be employed with the help of modern grapple cables to provide him the best possible descents. Along with a recent course in parkour had given him another edge. Alucard has taken falls from ladders and cages, so it really didn’t make any sense that he couldn’t land on his feet. Parkour had taught him some impressive techniques whereby he could drop with the cable detaching itself nearly 25 feet to the ground and Alucard would have to land on his own. The ring center was solidified for more stability and Alucard had mentally turned the center into a bulls-eye for a perfect landing. Last time’s descent was near perfect as Alucard had made his statement. W.A.R. and the EUWC had been put on notice.

Onslaught had been a wild night and Alucard had a hard time to figure out when to make an impact. The roster was so rowdy after the matches; Alucard had begun to suspect it was a ploy to draw him out. Kincaid & Hawkeye had no time to celebrate their contendership to the tag gold as W.A.R. had made their presence felt. Security managed to get this one under control as the #1 Contenders wouldn’t go down without a fight. Sean Taylor & Sevyn still didn’t settle their differences as the battled spilled out backstage.

It was the 8-Man Battle Royal to crown the new International Champion that caught Alucard by surprise. The vacant title was to be decided tonight, but only 7 had come to the ring. The last one, billed as the mystery participant, was nowhere to be seen. Still, the show must go on. Choker was the first one to get out early, but the surprise elimination was the big man Beast. Good sense prevailed as Jonathan Darkstar, Classy Mike C & Joe Boyer combined their efforts to eliminate W.A.R. early on while Nero had AOD occupied. Boyer was the next to fall by an ever opportunistic Mike C. Persistent as always, Alucard would think to himself, as he hadn’t forgotten the epic encounter with Mike C at Ultra Brawl last year. Jonathan Darkstar proved to be a different challenge altogether as he had Mike on the ropes literally, as Darkstar risked a walk to the rope. Risky indeed as AOD struck, shaking the ropes to drop Darkstar ‘s family jewels to the ropes, and eventually out of the match.

Well this is ironic. The tides were turned now as AOD was all alone against the two men he had viciously assaulted courtesy of his associates last week. Regardless, all three men put up a valiant showing, culminating to Nero trying to get AOD over the rope, followed by Mike C trying the same for both Nero & AOD.

And that’s when he appeared.

Unidentifiable as he wore a black ski mask and dressed in black t-shirt & jeans, this hulking behemoth jumped over the guard rail and entered the ring from behind. Doing the unthinkable, the stranger grabbed all three combatants and flipped them over the ring. Five seconds was the crowd silent and so was everyone else. Alucard was as shocked as anyone else. Five seconds, and the bell rang. The referee entered the ring as Kandi

Reed made the announcement.

“Your WINNER, and the NEW EUWC International Champion…”

The stranger wasted no time and snatched the belt from the referee. No revelations, no interviews, no hands raised in victory. He just snatched the belt and disappeared into the crowd, leaving everyone as confused as they could be. Alucard wanted to jump right then, but there wasn’t a point. Nero & Mike C would obviously b*tch on about it before they went on to look for the stranger. AOD would have his associates mobilized and ready to search the arena upside down. No need to waste his energies on this, regardless of the mystery it presented. Not while there’s still a main event to go. Not while there’s a World Title match next.

Alucard wouldn’t doubt STEALTH to be a bit relaxed, even when his opponent was T-Waring. Both veterans would know T-Waring had upped his game and would be on cloud nine after his dramatic victory over Mike C at Blood Bath. Still, as Alucard would always think for himself, STEALTH was World Champion for a reason, which he didn’t fail to show this night either. Alucard had expected the victory, as he did what was to happen next. For “the Ego-buster” had made his move. Well, Adam Benjamin at first, who knocked STEALTH down with a chairshot to the back. Rocko Daymon emerged as well to lay in a few kicks to a fallen Champ. T-Waring tried to do the right thing but earned a chairshot from “Yours Truly”.

“Ladies & Gentlemen,” Daymon with mic in hand, “The following match is for the World Heavyweight Championship!”

The boos resonated all over the arena. They reverberated loud enough to get Alucard’s pulse racing. This was the time, for sure.

“In this corner, the current World Heavyweight Champion, STEALTH!”

The music hit and sure enough, the ever so gleesome Ego Buster Dan Ryan made his way, briefcase in hand. Alucard could jump right now, but waited to see what would transpire. All he had to do was wait for the bell.

“And making his way to the ring, the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion…”

Dan Ryan had made his way to the ring to hand over his briefcase but the referee would have none of it. How these three could be so stupid, thought Alucard. The color commentary team echoed his sentiments perfectly.

“ Didn’t these idiots watch Bloodbath when Grayson won the match?!” a flabbergasted John Shaft had been compelled to ask. “Did they really think they could get away with it? The nerve!!!”

Scott Marchman was also in agreement “You’re right John, by all rights Cobris Grayson is the new Mr. Money in the Bank. The referee can’t obviously entertain this request as there’s currently no final verdict as to what would happen if a contract hasn’t been cashed in time.”
Indeed, that isn’t in the referee’s power. He can however, make for a nice crack to the skull with the brief case. The “Ego Buster” strikes again!


If Alucard could declare anything when he made his descent, it would have been that single word. The crowd went wild as Alucard scored another perfect landing! Lead pipe in hand, Alucard quickly dispatched Adam Benjamin and nailed Daymon to the side of the head! Dan Ryan eventually tried to tackle Alucard, but the veteran ducked and planted the pipe right between his head.

“Ego Busted!” Marchman exclaimed.

The ring cleared as Alucard stood tall, much to the fan’s delight. STEALTH passed a smile, seemingly to welcome “His Dominance” back to his rightful spot. Alucard could tell that this was once again going to be his time. A lot of thoughts ran through his head as to what avenues this event could open up for him. And that’s when the stranger appeared.

It was only when the crowd fell silent and confused did Alucard look to the stage. The stranger, the behemoth, the “new” International Champion makes his second appearance of the night. With the mask still on and the title belt in hand, Alucard had several questions on his mind. The same questions everyone else had right about now.
“Who Are you?”
“Why are you here?”
“How can you win that title?”

So many questions, with just one answer. The audience falls in shock and Alucard stands frozen…

“WHAT THE HELL!?!” Shaft exclaims.

The mask comes off…

“It just can’t be!!!” Marchman chimes in.

A stranger no more. Not to this audience. Not to the International title.  And certainly not to Lord Alucard…


“I can’t believe my eyes. He’s not just here, but LYNCH GARRISON IS THE NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!”

Garrison laughs maniacally as he raises his hands with the International Title. His laughter is directed at Alucard, who’s face is now devoid of any feeling. Alucard has always been the master when it came to expressing his thoughts through his face, but this time it’s as blank as a white page.

The crowd is silent. The laughter continues. The commentators ramble incoherently.

The nightmare begins.


Where does the wrestling business go when it needs to go shopping for new talent?

“Developmental territories, where else?”

Lynch Garrison was as happy as a man who had just brought himself a brand new prize truck. Of course, he wouldn’t be at this wrestling developmental facility if he wanted a new automobile. The Rover he’s had works just as well. What he did need however, was new talent. Raw, immature, completely unknown talented wrestlers that dream of making it big in the wrestling business. Dreams that either take years to fulfill, or are flushed down the toilet. That’s the kind of talent Garrison was looking for. It’s easier to get talent that can prove to be the right kind of muscle, as long as they were controllable. And “The Hazard” had the incentive to acquire what he needed here in spades.

He’s met with all kinds of amateurs here; the ones that were talented but too naive, ones that would do anything to get to the top, but weren’t that talented enough yet. Garrison had found three that had the talent, and the drive to achieve their dreams through any means necessary. Ever the opportunists, he thought. One more of these, and he’s done shopping. The three did have one other person in mind, but would be very hard to convince, as they thought of him to be a more private person, but very, very gifted in the ring. One look and Garrison knew he hit the mother-load  The kid had the height, the frame, the ability. Seeing the kid jump around in the ring a few times and he considered dumping the other three he had right now if he could get this guy on his side.

“Whats your name son?” asks Garrison as he approaches the kid on the bench.

“Whats it to…” (looks up and suddenly stands up) “Oh my God, you’re…”


“Mr. Garrison…”, the loner, now nervous than he’s ever been.

“You can call me ‘Sir’, that works too.”

“Right, uh, sir, Garrison, Sir! Wh-whu, how…”

“Relax kid; I’m not police if that’s what you’re worried about. I’m here because I got a sweet deal for ya. I can help you get out of this dump. Become a real wrestling star in the EUWC. Think of it as your lucky day!”

Garrison knew he shouldn’t force this boy to accept his offer. That’s why he’s thankful for that timeshare sales pitch he wasted an hour for a long time. Regardless, it wasn’t such a bad deal, if only the salesgirl wasn’t so difficult. Still, patience may pay off here.
“Uh, wow, this is… wow.”

This kid is a real dork; Nero would say right now, and even right to his face, Garrison thought.

“Yeah, ‘Wow’. But this is gonna be a two-way street kid. You would have to do something for me.”

“For you?” the boy is now downright confused and scared. “Oh, uh, I’m not so sure this is a good idea.?”

That’s when Garrison realizes why this kid is such an outsider. Talented, naive  he’s obviously had top talent scouts hounding him to get to their promotion, at the expense of something sinister. Being as long as he’s been in the business, Garrison knows about the kind of things top promoters have kids do to get into the business. Some of them have had relatively successful careers, not to talk about the divas. And then there are the ones that have a good word put in from someone in high places.

This kid, unfortunately, wasn’t that lucky.

“Yeah, see, I’m returning to the EUWC in a bit and those three you see there are already on board to be kinda my ‘entourage’. But I’ll let you in on a secret. If you’re on board, those three walk the plank. It’ll be just you, and trust me, you won’t regret it.”

“That’s great sir, but, what would I have to…”

“If you’re worried about doing something you don’t want to, don’t sweat it. I’m not one of those sleazebags that would want ‘something’ in return. All I’m asking is for your help in taking care of some business when I get back to the EUWC.”

“Ok, that sounds fine I guess. What exactly is it that you’re going to do?”

“Im going to go there, and get Lord Alucard. And I’m going to make him pay for all the pain he’s caused me.”

Garrison knows this will need to be the emotional kind of pitch, so he points to scars on his face. The kid is obviously sorry for what happened, but still looks worried.

“Make him pay? Like a lawsuit?”

“Not really! I’m going to hurt him. Hurt him more than he ever hurt me. Hurt him so bad, he’ll wish he were dead. And ya know what? I may even let him!”

“Wait, listen…” the kid is now sweating and shaking after hearing Garrison’s cold argument. “I’m sorry, but this, this isn’t my thing. I don’t know what you’re planning exactly, but it doesn’t sound like something that can end well. You may know what you’re doing, but I still have a life to worry about. I’m sorry, but this is beyond me.”

The kid is turning to leave when Garrison grabs his arm.

“Think real hard kid. Take it in slowly and think about what you’re throwing away here. This is a chance at a lifetime, and I can guarantee you won’t need to worry about your life after this. It’ll be smooth sailing after you’ve done what’s needed, but if you’re just gonna p***y out because of your damn conscience, I think I’ll let you get a meeting with Patterson and let you see how ugly it can turn into.”

Garrison had lost his patience, but surprising kept his cool. The kid had heard enough and managed to shake the big man’s arm off him. Garrison pouts and walks away with the rest of his ‘entourage’. When asked what happened, Garrison, cool and direct:

“He’s lost now.”


Being a member of the old guard isn’t easy. Being a member of the old guard as well as being World Heavyweight Champion? That’s a different story. In the position he’s in today, STEALTH could do just about anything he wants in the company. Take a vacation to the Bahamas, meddle around in the EUWC affairs to get his way, probably even choose his own opponents for the title. Still, STEALTH feels a sense of responsibility that comes with being the World Heavyweight Champion and the longest tenured superstar currently on the roster. That’s why it troubles him to see someone he holds in great esteem, to go to a sudden decline.

It’s not that STEALTH hasn’t any problems of his own. He’s already preoccupied with the New Breed that’s made inroads in the EUWC. Rocko Daymon, Adam Benjamin and Dan Ryan have been constantly imposing their new era into a world that STEALTH helped nurture all these years. Years of hard work, dedication, loyalty and respect; all being disregarded as ancient by the New Breed. All three of them have made a strong case to be the future of the EUWC and their specific target happens to be the top. It was only a year ago that Adam Benjamin had the EUWC World Heavyweight Title, only to lose it unceremoniously. Last month, Rocko Daymon had his long overdue chance to beat STEALTH, but that was mired in controversy. Some say Daymon had the belt in the bag, some even went on that this was his ultimate chance, which begged the question of why he didn’t answer the countout. Was he really incapacitated, or otherwise? And then there’s Dan Ryan, the man formerly known as Mr. Money in the Bank.

True, STEALTH does have his hands full. And yet, he’s concerned about what another superstar is involved in. And why not? In his eyes, Lord Alucard has made a remarkable contribution to the EUWC that even STEALTH can’t argue with.

Which makes STEALTH ponder even more…

Of all things that Alucard could be doing now; contending for a vacant International Championship, aid him in dealing with the New Breed, even become a contender for a title that both these men have held longer than anyone else, Alucard chooses to remain in the shadows till needed. What is needed of him is to fill the ranks as a contender to the top title. Instead, he’s just wasting his time. The W.A.R. started by the faction of Angel of Death, Jay Smash, Black Widow, Beast and Cobris Grayson has taken the EUWC by storm. They already struck first blood when both AOD & Smash won the coveted Tag Team Championships. As if that wasn’t enough, Cobris Grayson won the 30-man bloodbath match. They look focused to capture the EUWC International Title, only to face resistance from unlikely allies. No one expects “Classy” Mike C and “The Great & almighty” Nero to even consider to co-exist, but singles and tag team gold away from, what Nero calls, “the lousiest bunch of has-beens that hired a whippin’ boy”, sounds like a good idea.

Then again, not everyone would want to go at odds with W.A.R. Their reputation when it comes to notoriety and brutality is documented. The BloodBath match itself stands as the ultimate example as Nero was lucky to make it out alive from that match. Their last tag title defense saw mayhem when all of W.A.R. assaulted both Nero and Mike C. Not one of the superstars came to their aid, not till it was almost too late, till Alucard dropped from the rafters.

It was surreal! All of W.A.R. was shocked for that solitary moment to see Alucard instantaneously land perfectly in the ring from the rafters. The ranks of Wake All Reverie had to recollect and take their leave, out of sheer respect for Alucard, or for the shock & awe; regardless, Alucard was one person they didn’t expect to tangle with. A change in strategy needed, and a battle to fight another day.

Brave and heroic, STEALTH is thinking to himself right now. And of course, downright stupid! Alucard doesn’t need to be the exterminator of a plague he’ll wind up being alone in. Nero & Classy have never seen eye to eye with each other, let alone him. But it doesn’t take half a brain cell to figure out that those two are only opportunists waiting for the right moment. Alucard may find himself as the lone lancer when it comes to taking on a threat as W.A.R. Were it up to STEALTH, he would be there to either help fight W.A.R., or tell Alucard to leave this be and look towards becoming a star once again. But, every man to his own, probably, and STEALTH can’t be responsible for another man’s actions. He’s already watching over his shoulder for sudden briefcase shots.

Besides, Alucard can take care of himself, right?