A Human Thing To Do

Note: The events of this blog took place in mid-late 2011. It was published elsewhere and here now for posterity’s sake.

First things first, I’m not a pets person. I’ve never had pets in the house ever since my brother got scared by a neighbor’s dog. And I live in a flat, so having pets was out of the question. There was a funny and frightening incident with my sister, a kitten, and my dad,l but that’s a story for another time. However, when you’re married to someone who’s taken care of pets ever since she was a kid, well it’s a pretty precarious situation.

Not the actual article, but adorable nonetheless.

Now where do I begin? Maybe it started last week during the rains, when, while trying to get some sleep, my wife and I heard some dog howling, and later the faint & distinct sound of infant puppies. The Mrs. concluded that a stray dog had given birth on that rainy night. Anyways, on Friday, we discovered that there were 6 puppies on a dirty unclean parking area in front of the next building. My wife would watch over them and at times even pet one. Yesterday though, she was heartbroken when she found out that two of the puppies had been run over by a car.

So while the building’s watchman got rid of the two dead bodies, the remaining four were still sitting there, all alone and in the open with mommy gone off. While my wife and I watched over the balcony, it just occurred to me that surely there was something I could do. So, I headed to the store, found a couple of boxes I could use and decided to make a small make-shift safe zone for them. One was a shoe box and the other was a packing box for a CNG kit. I emptied them and cut off one end on each and joined them together with duct tape (oh mighty duct tape), making sure the thing would not get apart. This made for a pretty large area inside for a makeshift shelter. I even used a screwdriver to punch a few holes for adequate light and air, even though the top lid would remain open, but you never know.

Next, I headed down and brought my car up at a little bit of an incline to make sure I had enough room under there. This is more like a second car which I don’t use that often, so I found a glove I had a while back and picked up the dogs and put them in my boxes. Now I know there are mixed feelings about if I’m being weird by wearing a glove, but heck I’ve just never done something like this before. By the time I had all four in the box, my wife brought some milk in a bowl. The little pups were happily drinking and looked like the happiest little things you’ve ever seen.

Once I made sure that everything was fine, I picked up the box and placed it right under my car, taking care that the lids were open. My wife asked if the mom would find them, since they’d been moved about 3 car spaces. I was hopeful that she’d find them eventually. I checked out at night and lo & behold, the mom was there happily feeding them. This morning, while I was getting in my other car, I peeked at my makeshift arrangement, and was happy to see that the pups were sleeping back in the box.

So why am I sharing this story? Well, mostly because this was so many experiences in one. It was the first time I picked up a bunch of puppies, even if I was wearing a glove. I could feel them, their little muscles twitching in fright over what was happening. I could see them up close, breathing and looking around. It was the first time I actually got so riled up about doing something like this that I went through all that trouble to make the boxes and help four stray puppies that no one would have probably cared for. Already I was getting pretty weird looks from people around me while I was doing this and for the life of me, I really did not give a fudge what anyone thought!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that for the first time in a long time, I’ve actually felt good about doing something. In this day & age when we hardly concern ourselves with actual living human beings, it’ll be a far cry when people start helping animals, and stray ones at that. It may not have mattered to most, but it mattered to me that those poor little pups were exposed and under threat.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive. Maybe I’m concerned just because I’m about to become a dad soon. But it felt like the most human thing I’ve probably ever done with my life.

And you know what? It felt great! 🙂


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