Fireworks explode all around the stage as Uprising kicks off! The Ford Field in Detroit Michigan is sold out as fans are excited to culmination of a wild June. “WE ARE LIVE from the Ford Field in Detroit Michigan! I’m Scott Marchman and with me is John Shaft.”

“And on behalf of EUWC, we welcome you to Uprising. Tonight is going to be history in the making.”

“That’s right, as tonight we’re gonna witness the first ever Uprising Gauntlet! 20 Men all vying for the right to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that might be after tonight”

“Right to the point, as the reigning EUWC World Champion Dan Ryan, the ‘Ego-Buster’ takes on another veteran Sean Taylor.”

“It’s been a long road for Taylor and tonight is the night he gets his big moment. Taylor was one of the greatest Champions in the EUWC, and tonight he’ll look to regain the title.”

“Or become another has-been following STEALTH.”

“Hmmm, wonder if he’ll wanna do commentary?”


“That’s right Fonzie, and speaking of Ryan, his associate Rocko Daymon challenges another veteran Paul Doom for the coveted International Championship!”

“Yeah tonight lightning will strike twice! Not only will Rocko beat Doom again, but the New Breed is going to flush down another has-been.”

“Funny how has-beens have title belts and you have a headset. And let’s not forget the man that Doom beat last month. I’m talking about Lynch Garrison, the Hazard, as he is in a weird predicament tonight against the man he seemingly injured.”

“Seriously, I cannot get it! I saw him break Alucard in half at Ultra Brawl. Alucard’s doctor said he wasn’t going to be competing for a long time, and right off the bat he comes back like nothing happened.”

“Well we’ll get to see what mood is Alucard in, as he looks for revenge inside a Steel Cage. Let’s head to the ring now for our first match…”

As the night began, Garrison had been tense. Surrounding the events ever since Ultra Brawl have made the Hazard look constantly over his shoulder. Things have gone from bad to worse as he’s lost his championship, his entourage, his state of mind. If he hadn’t been upset before, then coming back from the doctor’s office after his only associate Mac had been laid out backstage, left him with no peace at all.

This would be Garrison’s 3rd appearance on Uprising. He had represented the Regime in his first outing, whereas his last appearance was inside the Hades Dungeon Match. Fitting then that this night share elements common from the last two. Number 1: There was a steel cage involved. Number 2: Lord Alucard.

Garrison has spent the entire month frantically looking for Alucard; tracking him from his hospital but losing the trail. His surgeon’s also disappeared to Rio de Janerio, so the trails gone completely cold. Despite trying so hard to convince him otherwise, all signs point to the obvious that he’ll be taking on Alucard. As if Ultra Brawl and his vengeance never happened.

Confusion is the only thing that has warped Garrison’s mind. He’s been around the entranceway, where he saw a dejected duo leaving without their Tag Team gold. He watched as EUWC’s brightest up-and-coming star won the first round of the Uprising Gauntlet and still had 10 Former Champs to go through. He also had a wicked smile directed at him by Paul Doom, who obviously wasn’t just smiling after his match. Garrison knew he was being mocked, but he needed to change his mood.

The pills.

They worked perfectly at Ultra Brawl. They’ll work again. One dose and slowly, but surely, he starts feeling more aggressive and impatient. He can’t wait any longer as he heads out to the ring. The music plays but that’s not his focus now. The boos are only fuelling his anger and contempt. He grabs a mic from ringside and enters the ring.

“Lord Alucard! … NOW!!!”

No sooner he had said that the lights go dark. The anticipation among the audience builds as spotlights hover on the rafters, the only place where they can attempt to look. One spotlight finds a shadow but loses it just as easily. It’s only a matter of time before a figure descends towards the ring. Garrison has felt the chill of the black flash past his eyes, but with a heightened sense of aggression, this jump has just upped his state of mind.

He looks different.

Aside from the overcoat, there’s something different about him tonight. Its only when he takes it off that he reveals it. He’s sporting those very gauntlets he used a few weeks ago against Johnny Lao. Given the circumstances of the match, they were perfectly legal. His costume however, is different than his traditional attire; tighter but intimidating. It’s almost as if it is a second skin. More of an armor in fact. His mask is still firmly attached to his face, only showing his forehead and eyes.

The cage starts coming down towards the ring as he watches Garrison fuming to get started. The cage finally bolts down and the bell rings when Garrison pounces! He jumps right on with a Lou Thesz Press and starts hammering away on his face. Garrison picks him up and whips him for a clothesline but he ducks and comes back at Garrison with a reverse shoulder block! Garrison bounces off the ropes as he uses the big man’s own momentum to send him straight to the cage wall! As Garrison goes into the corner, he starts hitting the big man with full force of his hands and the strength of those gauntlets. He punches away at his chest, stomach and finally his head.

Garrison gets a sudden burst of energy and shoves him away. He runs back only for Garrison to get him with a shoulder back toss into the cage wall! Garrison roars into the crowd as he picks him up. Like a missile when he shot Paul Doom years ago, Garrison shoots him towards the cage. But he grabs on the cage like an insect, and flies off to hit Garrison with a roundhouse dropkick! He bounces off the ropes and drops on Garrison with a double kneedrop! He grabs Garrison by the throat and attempts to choke him out, using the pressure from his gauntlets. Garrison manages to kick him off and charges at him right into the cage wall! Garrison then scoops him up for a running powerslam!

Garrison then climbs up the ropes and measures him for a Terrarizer! Garrison flies off but meets feet to his face! He nails Garrison with a sharp uppercut; elbow jabs and a spinning back kick. He resumes his flurry or right hands but Garrison attempts to match him hand-to-hand. Garrison can’t believe the fury in him but his opponent isn’t sparing him at all. Garrison knew Alucard was tough and fast, but this is a lot more ferocious. This lethal combination of punches and kicks beats his usual moveset.

Garrison finally loses the upper hand as he takes in the ferocious hits from those gauntlets. Garrison finally stops him with a thump to the gut and grabs his throat for a Showstopper chokeslam. Garrison hoists him up but his opponent is a lot more agile as he grabs his head by his legs in a standing triangle choke. Garrison can only flay his free arm in the air as he tries to slap his opponent away, but eventually he comes down to one knee. Still in the choke, Garrison tries to get back on his feet and with one burst of energy, rams his opponent right into the corner, forcing him to break the hold.

Garrison recovers from the dreaded choke hold but when he turns around; he sees a demon flying at him in the air towards him. With extraordinary quickness, he takes down Garrison and pierces his claw-like gauntlets right into the Hazard’s skin. He tears off Garrison’s tank-top and starts punching with deadly ferocity at the big man. Garrison throws him off and finally feels blood running from his forehead. The Hazard starts feeling drowsy as he attempts to charge at his opponent, who swiftly moves out of the way to let Garrison hit the cage. He then grabs Garrison by the skull and scrapes his head with the cage. He watches Garrison attempt to stand with support from the ropes when he dropkicks his head to the cage. He watches silently as Garrison can barely stand, blood oozing from his head forming a pool around the Hazard. The crowd reacts as he hoists a staggering Garrison over his shoulders and drops him with a thunderous Einhander!

Upon impact, Garrison knew this was over. Garrison realized that this was something he couldn’t beat; a force he couldn’t comprehend. His thirst for vengeance was quenched at Ultra Brawl, but this was something that was beyond him. Garrison lay motionless on the mat, knowing that it was all about to end. Which is why he was surprised when he was lifted back up and into a military press. This was how it was going to end, he thought. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth.

Garrison could only mutter, “You… you’re not… him… You can’t…be him. Go ahead… finish it. It’ll prove you’re not him…” Garrison didn’t know whether he could be heard or not but 5 seconds later, he fell back to the mat. Garrison was saved from another coup de grace as he saw his opponent look right down to his face.

“I’m not him. I’m a lot more — and a lot worse.”

He exits the cage from the door as the referee calls for the bell. He re-enters the cage to look at a fallen Garrison. He climbs up the cage and stands on top to look at an elated crowd, all cheering for him. He can feel the electricity in the air as they chant the name he’s heard several times. He can feel it’s him they’re calling out to, and he realizes it is true now.

He is the one.

He is dominance.

He is Lord Alucard.


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