Looking around him, all Jay Smash can think is “Its Smashing Time”.

For weeks, Jay Smash has had pent up aggression literally waiting to come out. He looks at his association with Wake All Reverie and thinks its Sleeping All Reverie. Ever since Bloodbath, where they made major impacts after winning the Tag Team Championships and the Money in the Bank, they’ve made little to no impact that could lead somewhere. Sure they had a battery of attacks on Nero, Mike C, Kincaid and Hawkeye, but what was the end result?

Post Ultra Brawl X, they no longer have the Tag Team Championships. They’re not even in contention now that the Diabolical Forces challenge Hawkeye & Kincaid. Nero, who was at the end of their attacks, finally derailed Beast. Since then, he’s also beaten their prized Mr. Money in the Bank Cobris Grayson. But what really gets to Smash is their level of effectiveness. Their interferences in several key matches have hurt Smash’s understanding of their overall agenda. They cost Beast a shot at the Gold Rush tournament, he personally defeated Braden Kincaid in a singles match, but it wasn’t marred without interference either. They allowed Nero to steal a victory over Grayson, this time ironically not interfering.

It’s not just the lack of successes, but Smash feels it’s almost as if the group could amount to so much more but just doesn’t want to. Smash feels as if they’re the goths in high school: always brooding in a corner and trying to scare away the jocks. Smash had let his frustrations be known after he left his group in the ring after an unsuccessful rematch for the tag titles.

So who does he blame? Is it the ever expedient Angel of Death? Is it the deceptive Black Widow? Is it the careless Beast? Or is it the hazardous Lynch Garrison standing in front of him.

Wait, what’s wrong with this picture?

Smash shakes off the trance state to notice Lynch Garrison in the “W.A.R. Room” as it were. Maybe Garrison will be his fodder for Smashing Time, he’ll soon find out as Garrison has come with a proposition.

“Look, I know you guys don’t like me, and honestly, I don’t like any of you either.”

“Nice way to start a proposition”, AOD quickly remarks, earning the smirks of everyone except Smash.

“Ha ha. Very droll.” Garrison still serious. “Look Angel, I need your help, and W.A.R.’s. The fact is I’m ending up short on resources here and I have this menace that I need to get rid of.”

“You mean Lord Alucard?” Jay Smash finally breaks his silence.

“HE IS NOT ALUCARD!!!” Garrison now red in the face. “He can’t be Lord Alucard!”

“Look G, stop pretending it can’t be. The truth is right in your face. If it’s not Lord Alucard, who could it be?”

“It can’t be!” Garrison responds. “I broke his back. He should be in a hospital somewhere now. He was transferred to somewhere I can’t locate him.”

“Don’t take us for fools Lynch.” AOD responds. “We know full well your vendetta against Lord Alucard has depleted your ranks. You’re now looking for more fodder and you came to us. True we have our disagreements with Alucard, but we’re not going to be pawns in your problems. We have our own agendas.”

“And what would those be?!” AOD and Black Widow now turn their attention to Jay Smash, whose outburst couldn’t be ignored. “What has been our agenda, or agendas, or whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing? Of late, the only thing we’ve been doing is sitting as silent spectators, watching things happen without us. We formed this group to take control of the EUWC, to become the major power. But so far, all we’ve done is get embarrassed by the likes of Mike C and Nero and Kincaid and Hawkeye and Kincaid and Mike C and Nero… all this time I’ve been tempted to break out of this cycle, were it not for the fact that I still think this group can be a better ice cream company.”

“Ice cream?” AOD looks puzzled.

“You heard me right! It’s time we took charge around here. And for real this time! How long do you expect the goth treatment to work? This isn’t high school AOD! I’m sick of staying on the sidelines and having to wait while the globe spins round and round.”

Everyone else in the room is confused. Smash then turns his attention to Garrison.

“And as for you… you just want us to get Alucard to you on a silver platter. Well like AOD said, we’re not gonna be replacement lackeys. But you just gave me an idea. Tonight, I stand alone. One man against damnation. Let ‘em come!”

And with that, Smash doesn’t remember what he did next. It must have been important, as he’s now facing Lord Alucard in the ring. He obviously must have left the room, went to Matt Pickstock, got a match signed and is now in the ring facing Alucard in a wrestling match. Or he could have simply teleported to the rafters and brought Alucard down to the ring in a mystical elevator. It could be one of countless possibilities, as Smash considers his memories to be nothing more than “Multiple Choice” scenarios.

Still, there was no argument that he was in a match. Lord Alucard, his nemesis from a whole list of nemeses. He’s had several other challengers that have been his greatest challenge ever, but Alucard was definitely up there. Right with all the others. Only a few months ago did he face him one on one to settle an old score. Something with how the student finally overcomes the teacher, or how the hunter actually becomes THE hunter.

But there was something different this time. Previously he had beaten Alucard after a grueling match. Alucard then was much more controlled, effectively timed, and more precise. The experience he had over the years turned him into a more effective and precise competitor and a veteran no less. This time however, Alucard appeared wilder, more uncontrolled, fiercer, and more tenacious. Smash really couldn’t put his finger on it. If it weren’t for the clothes and appearance, he could feel he was wrestling someone else entirely. Either that or Garrison’s assault had inadvertently caused a chain reaction in Alucard’s DNA, giving him enhanced speed and ferocity. Another possible scenario in a multitude of choices. The vast array of chops, kicks and faster movement in the ring were something Smash hadn’t anticipated. And he liked it.

Alucard had Smash on the run indeed, as he took him down with a spinning back kick. Smash would have wanted to follow-up, but his sights led him to the ramp way where his W.A.R. compatriots had started coming down. Smash may have hallucinated, but he also felt Alucard had paused to see the new developments as well. Smash got back to his feet as W.A.R. was now at ringside. Both competitors paused as Smash had to ask his comrades just what the hell were they doing here. No sooner had he asked when he looked in the titantron to see Garrison enter the ring from behind and knock down Alucard! Smash turned around puzzled to watch Garrison stomp away on Alucard in the corner.

At this point, Smash could have left the ring and let Garrison & Alucard settle this. But he was enjoying himself in the match. Alucard had fought him like a rejuvenated man and had him excited for the last 15 minutes. Smash had already given his comrades a lot of flak for interfering in matches. And he didn’t like another interruption, by Garrison no less. Sensing his rage boil, Smash grabbed Garrison and shoved him aside. Garrison retorted with a shove of his own till Smash started hammering away on Garrison! Smash nailed him with an elbow jab to the head and finally threw him over the ropes and outside. Oh Garrison, if only you were still Big G.

“The Disease” then turned about face to notice his comrades attacking Alucard, but Alucard also fighting back. That did it! He’d already made an example of Garrison, and still these guys don’t get it. Smash shoved Cobris away fast and easily and knocked Beast out of the ring. Cobris went out as he saw his mentor face to face with his uneasy partner Angel of Death. It then dawned upon Smash that the ring now had three former World Champions in it, in fact, the history started from Alucard to AOD and then Jay Smash. The irony may have just dawned on Smash, or the other three, or everyone else, as the commentators never failed to put forth any fact. Smash didn’t hear anything around him, just the sounds in his head that told him more filtered stuff. Particularly how he had the advantage over these two in the Uprising Gauntlet on Sunday.

Smash wanted to see someone twitch. Someone, anyone! He saw Alucard take the first kick, right to Garrison who was just about getting on the ring apron. The kick hit right at the jaw, and knocked Garrison out of the picture.

“That looked like it hurt.” Smash thought. “Wait, why am I guessing…? I know it hurts.”

The sound of boos then caught their attention as Matt Pickstock appeared on stage with a microphone in hand.

“All right that’s enough!” Pickstock shouted. “W.A.R., you’ve made your point yet again about how you wish to be a nuisance in the EUWC. Well this Sunday at Uprising, you two, AOD and Smash, get the chance of dominating in the Uprising Gauntlet. So I’d save my breath for that match if I were either of you.”

Jay Smash couldn’t help but smile at the prospect. He would finally get to settle the debate of W.A.R. in the Gauntlet, considering how he had a much better chance than Angel of Death to last in the match.

Pickstock continued, “And as for Lynch Garrison and Lord Alucard… well I’m kinda spooked as to how you’re here Alucard. But that obviously means Garrison screwed up. So since you’re obviously out for revenge, I’ll give you your chance to face Lynch Garrison one-on-one at Uprising, inside a STEEL CAGE!!!”

Smash could interpret that look in Alucard’s eyes. The look that told him that he was pleased as hell. He could also tell Garrison was pi$$ed, but so could everyone else considering how he smashed stuff around ringside. Smash stared at his comrade AOD and at Alucard. He saw AOD looking with that angered face; the one that expressed disappointment. The one that wanted to settle this ‘partnership’. He looked at Alucard, at how hungry he was. For vengeance anyways, but it would be interesting as to how he conducts in the Uprising Gauntlet.

Who knew Smashing Time was going to be so much fun now?



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