Martial arts have never been his preferred method of combat, but that statement may not mean much as he tactfully evades a roundhouse kick from Johnny Lao.

It was only a few moments ago that he was high on the rafters, watching over the match between Nero & Johnny Lao. He had watched a splendid night full of action, but it was just after an hour that he made his presence felt. He roams only to help the good fight, against any wrong. He saw a wrong when Garrison had tripped Nero.

Though it wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t think Johnny Lao was a gifted competitor. He had given Nero a tough time with his array of martial arts moves and kicks, combined with the added agility & ferocity of a Shaolin master. Nero was not slouching either as he had been the resident martial artist in the EUWC. That could change with Lao here. He watched as Nero had finally taken the reigns using wrestling prowess after Lao had expanded his offence. A former World Heavyweight Champion, Nero had no intention of being outclassed by a newcomer. His arsenal was experience coupled with arrogance, which Nero had in buckets.

After finally getting Lao down for the count, Nero signaled for the patented Nero Kick when Garrison had pulled Nero down by the hair as the referee was distracted. He knew this was wrong and the perfect moment for him to make his presence felt. Lao was about to hit a rising Nero with a powerful roundhouse when the spotlight shone on him for all to see. Lao was now struck with fear as he intimidated the martial arts master. Lao could only stand in awe as Nero turned him around for a picture perfect Buzzcutter to seal the victory and make an exit.

He knew he had cost Lao his chance at becoming the EUWC’s only Shaolin import. He knew Lao was frustrated enough to actually call him out. HE remembered his call as Lao now focuses on a flurry of punches to his stomach.

“Alucard!” he recalled as Lao had called him from the ring. “YOU COWARD! You dare cost me my chance at the EUWC! I will put you in your place! Come down and face me like a man!”

He knew Lao would be out for blood. But he couldn’t let Lao be fearless. He had to make his impact. He had to make the leap. He had struck fear in the hearts of many before him as he made his descent from the rafters and to the ring. He had done it many times before, but this time it seems it would be the first time he did. He recalls the sensations as he made the descent. The wind flowing through his hair, his eyes nearing the center of the mat, the sound of the crowd ringing in his ears. He feels the impact as he lands perfectly on his feet. He rises in full form, looking at an astonished Johnny Lao and a confounded Lynch Garrison.

He had arrived.

Johnny Lao would have looked to finish him early. Injured or not, he was still standing and Lao had an axe to grind. Yet even after sparring with him at Ultra Brawl, there seemed something different. Lao was focused but he was focused even more. Lao had speed, but he could match it quite adequately. He moved differently than he did that night. Even with his coat on, he blocked several kicks and punches as if he had studied Lao well. Garrison was amazed outside as he evaded a perfectly executed roundhouse kick that could have knocked him out.

He knew Lao was ferocious. He knew Lao was agile. Therefore he would have to do more. He matched him kick for kick, toe to toe, as he ducked a heel kick, but took a straight spinning back kick to the chin. He watched as Garrison was elated with glee and Lao waited intently for Alucard to get back up. He heard the fans cheer as he hopped back onto his feet to the surprise of both Lao and Garrison. Lao charged with a running shoulder tackle that he changed to a powerslam! He saw Lao get up again when he ran off the ropes to hit Lao with a running big boot! He turned only for Garrison to take him down with a shoulder block as the crowd booed.

He quickly rolled out of the ring as Garrison pursued him. He disappeared under the ring apron as Garrison frantically searched for him. He had expected Garrison to finally blow the lid and he came prepared for this very eventuality. He spent quite some time designing the gauntlets, took care to add effectively sharp blades at the sides of the forearms. He climbed up the apron and pounced on an unsuspecting Garrison, who turned around in horror. The claws for fingers were indeed terrifying and the sharp edges on the forearms glistened in the lights.

He took down Garrison and started hammering away on the Hazard; till Lao tried to help his mentor but was spotted early. He took him down with a spinning back kick and started hammering away at Lao with those claw-like gauntlets, ripping Lao’s shirt in the process. He looked for Garrison but the Hazard had already high-tailed it up the ramp.

He had “the Hazard” on the run. He had dismantled one of his lackeys. He had the abilities and skill to defeat Lynch Garrison.

He had struck!


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