He remembers the view from up here, almost as if he’s been here before. He remembers the chill, the darkness, the clarity he receives on top of those rafters. He feels himself at one with the darkness surrounding him, as he’s blended into it perfectly.

He gazes on as the night progresses. Nero picks up a surprise victory over Cobris Grayson with a handful of tights. No time for celebration as Nero slips away from the ring before W.A.R. invades it. He watches an irate Jay Smash, looking at his comrades, obviously bitter about them not interfering now of all times, when they actually needed to.

He watches as the new tag team champions pick up yet another successful title defense against the Darkstar Brothers, only to be assaulted from behind by the Diabolical Forces. Mammon and Molloch spared no time to destroy both Kincaid & Hawkeye to cement their campaign for the titles. He watches, but doesn’t leap just yet. The EUWC does need Lord Alucard, but he needs to wait for a much opportune time.

He’s also apprehensive. It’s almost as if he’s never jumped off before. He’s managed to stay on the rafters as the night went on, yet all he’s been thinking about is if he could make the jump. Not that he needed to tonight, but what if the opportunity presented itself. He had made an impact last week. His attire exuded the air of a man that commands dominance. The muzzle mask on his face was obviously there to strike fear but also hide the scars of his injury. Though he’s not sure how bad the scars are, for he’s never seen any on his face.

The boots had been padded specially with harder heels for maximum effect. They proved their worth when he had to kick Garrison in the face. Though he must admit, while the heel did its part, he was much too quicker for his own good. He appeared and disappeared as quickly as a flash, which is faster than usual. He’s not sure if he should bring it down a notch or keep it, which is strange because usually he was confident of his decisions.

He gazes on as Andre Martinez used brute force against Daymon’s technique and experience. Technique aside, Daymon was on the run as Martinez was definitely a force. As long as Martinez didn’t get his hands on him, Daymon had the chance of landing a flurry of offence. While Daymon used technique and wrestling offence to get near falls, Martinez would use pure muscle to get himself out of the falls. Vice versa, Daymon couldn’t offer much resistance to Martinez’ power, except for the resilience to kick out.

He also saw on both sides of the stage, the New Breed and the Entourage, occupying spectator seats as they rooted on their compatriots in battle. Apart from regulating a fair fight, Sean Taylor had exerted enough authority as referee to keep the two teams away from the ring. Taylor would need all the authority as another near fall attempt frustrated Martinez enough to get a steel chair from outside. Taylor did his best to stop, but Martinez shoved the referee down and attempted to strike a fallen Daymon. And that’s when he saw him…

He felt the warmth of the spotlight finally meeting him as Martinez, chair in the air, looked on high. He knew that Martinez was shocked as everyone else in the arena. The audience, the camera crew, both Entourage and the New Breed looked on top as they spotted him again. His attire exuded the air of a man that commanded dominance. The muzzle mask on his face did well to strike fear into the hearts of onlookers, both in the ring and out of it. The fact that he was standing high on the rafters was shocking to everyone, as they could swear he was in no physical condition to even crawl.

Rocko Daymon, unaware of what was happening, had other ideas as he turned Martinez around for a kick to the gut, and a Brain Rocker on the steel chair. Daymon did well to remove the chair and revived Sean Taylor to record the 3-count and his victory. Ever the opportunist, Daymon grabbed Taylor’s head while he had his arm raised in victory. Daymon looked for another Brain Rocker as a favor to Dan Ryan when he saw him for the first time. Daymon dropped Sean Taylor as he backed away in shock. Daymon hadn’t seen him up close last week, so it was surreal to see him standing up there again.

He could feel everyone had a lot of questions. It’s true that while Daymon mocked Garrison’s handiwork, the message from his doctor and even the impact of the back breakers at Ultra Brawl that Daymon saw should be concrete enough to label him a total cripple. Yet here he was, standing tall high on the rafters, as if that night had never happened. Save for the mask on his face, nothing seems changed at all.

As Daymon exited the ring, the Entourage entered with Garrison yelling at the rafters. The spotlights looked on again but he’s gone before they can spot him again. A chill emanates as voices are heard.


The audience cheers as the spotlight points in another direction. Garrison is shocked as he’s now on the opposite side of the arena, and much higher. He wants Garrison to know he is here. He wants him to know he remembers. He wants him to know, that he will strike.

He takes in the cheers, the chants, and the excitement of the crowd. He listens to the name on their lips.

He knows who he is.


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