Call it superstition, hex, voodoo magic; even Rocko Daymon can’t help wonder just why is it he’s had a long string of bad luck. True he’s been a prolific International Champion and had stellar matches against Texas Lightning to back it up, Daymon has always remained shy every time he’s tried to come close to the big one. First, he had 2 unsuccessful Blood Bath matches, despite lasting a long time in both of them. Even after winning his third one to become Mr. Money in the Bank, he lost the briefcase to his partner Dan Ryan. Evidently this has been a huge turning point as Daymon now has to contend with Ryan as the new World Champion.

He had the perfect chance against STEALTH at the last Bloodbath event where he looked to not only become the World Champion, but also retire the legacy of STEALTH as a major force in the company. If there’s anything else that has driven Daymon and his friends Dan Ryan & Adam Benjamin, it’s his firm belief that the time for EUWC’s old guard has come to pass. It’s the era of the new breed of superstars that should take control of the EUWC. He’s already proven his point to the likes of Texas Lightning and Paul Doom. The night ended on a worse note as Daymon lost after apparently being incapacitated completely. The referee called the match in STEALTH’s favor as the opponent was in no condition left to compete. Daymon knows this defeat was more of a moral one than anything else.

At least his partner had accomplished the mission by defeating STEALTH, though Daymon knows that not only did he play a factor in the match, but it could have been him walking away with the gold. With STEALTH now taking a “leave of absence”, Daymon is pleased. Even if he’s on a cruise, that’s another old ‘fossil’ that stays away. Today, he looks forward to another Hall of Famer going down as Sean Taylor stepped in the ring for the official contract signing. Once the John Hancock was taken down, the title match at Uprising will be official. Matt Pickstock had finally returned to Mainframe after a week off to watch the proceedings. On one hand was Sean Taylor, former World Champion, the only person to hold both International & World Titles at the same time, a Hall of Famer and legendary for being the only person who follows the rules.

On the other, his opponent and World Champion, “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan, his brothers in arms Adam Benjamin and of course Rocko Daymon. The contract signing had gone smoothly and without many words spoken. Both the competitors had stood to shake hands till Lynch Garrison’s music hit. The crowd erupted in boos as everyone in the ring watched “The Hazard” and his Entourage enter the ring. Garrison grabbed a mic and addressed the people in the ring.

“Congratulations to the both of you! You finally get your match at Uprising, now that this weasel Matt Pickstock shows up. But what I wanna know is where the HELL wer e you last week, when that jerk Paul Doom stole my title and…”

Daymon was about to interject when Dan Ryan did the honors. “Whoa hold on there, ‘Hazard’. You obviously have forgotten your manners. You’re in the presence of the World Heavyweight Champion and the winning team. Aside from the # 1 Contender and the CEO here, you really are out of your place now.”

Way to be the arrogant one Danny, thought Rocko Daymon. Once an Ego Buster, always an Ego Buster.

Garrison was none too pleased. “Yeah that’s pretty spiffy Champ, considering how you’re forgetting, if it wasn’t for me and my boys here, you three were pretty much dangling around doing nothing. You seem to have forgotten all the times I’ve helped your sorry little group get the upper hand on STEALTH. And this is how you say thanks?”

“Is that so?” Daymon finally interjected. “Because the way I see it, I literally had you on the ropes the last time we faced. And if it wasn’t for the fact that the whole thing was a setup, I could have knocked you down a lot faster.”

Daymon is smiling now that Garrison looks irate. “As a matter of fact, you don’t have the stroke anymore now that you’re no champion. And considering how you lost it to Paul Doom, a guy I already made an example of, you obviously are at the bottom of the food chain now.”

The crowd gives somewhat of a mixed reaction to Daymon’s tirade. “But you know what the worst part is? You can’t even get one single job done right. Like how you’ve been transitional International Champion 4 times already. I’ve had that title longer with a more dignified run pal. Or like how you “severely injured” Lord Alucard but only last week did he kick your nose in!”

“SHUT UP!!” Garrison barely containing his anger. “SHUT THE HELL UP!”

“Enough both of you!” Matt Pickstock finally interrupts. “You’re wasting a lot of breath that’s leading nowhere. That’s where you should be thankful I still run things around here. Now since Garrison wants his rematch for the title, and Daymon made a good point, I’m starting to feel you’re not such a bankable champion Lynch. So tonight, you’re gonna have to prove you deserve the International title in a good ole Contenders match. And your challenger will be none other than… ROCKO DAYMON!”

The crowd has a mixed reaction as Daymon looks pleased. Garrison on the other hand, couldn’t be more pi$$ed.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone! I should have the match by default! I lost because someone interfered, and it damn sure couldn’t have been Alucard! I took him out! His doctor said he’s out for a year! There is NO CHANCE IN HELL HE’S COMING BACK!”

“That’s interesting Lynch,” Daymon just couldn’t help himself, “… considering that he IS back.”

Garrison doesn’t believe the audacity but Pickstock interjects before anything else happens.

“He does have a point Lynch. You are obviously a little troubled mentally right now to even thing about competing. So I’ll tell you what. You don’t have to wrestle Daymon tonight. But someone from your Entourage will. And if that person wins, he gets you the title shot. But if he loses, then Daymon challenges Doom at Uprising.”

“Wait wait wait WAIT!” Daymon and the others look towards the corner to see Sean Taylor still standing there, this time having his say on the mic. “Are you serious? You wanna put Garrison’s title shot on the line with one of those guys? Are they even contracted? They’ve been running around here competing in ‘matches’ on PPV no less, and for the life of me, I’ve never seen their profiles on Matt, I know you have no clue about the rules, so let me give you a quickie one right now. An International Title contender cannot be determined if said competitor isn’t even hired. Don’t bother looking it up; it’s all in Greek to you.”

Daymon is enjoying this all more, and he knows so are Ryan & Benjamin. He thought Taylor was gone, but now he’s done it by outsmarting the boss yet again. This is entertainment at its finest.

“Okay wiseguy,” Pickstock responded. “Now that you brought it up, this match will also be a contract match too. And since you’re the high priest of the rules around here, I’m naming you the special referee for the match. So Lynch, tonight, if your boy wins, you get the title shot and he gets the contract. But if Daymon wins, your boy is gone and you lose the shot. However, since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll let you pick which member of your Entourage gets the spot.

“Then you don’t need to wait for my answer. Daymon, I got your opponent right here!”

Daymon stands still as Garrison brings the 6’8” 290 pounder Andre Martinez forward. Martinez stares hard at his opponent as Daymon doesn’t look intimidated at all. Even if he couldn’t get his hands on Garrison, he’ll prove his point by beating this beefhead tonight. He’ll go on to show his ‘friend’ Dan Ryan he’s no slouch as he takes back the International title. He’ll prove all the naysayers wrong when he beats back another fossil in Paul Doom yet again.



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