The front row seats give an excellent view of the action in the ring. It takes a lot of effort to get front row seats these days, especially when they’re sold out weeks in advance. Either that or you need to know the right people to get one.

He’s been watching.

As long as he knew he had someone with the stroke to get him a first row seat, it was easy. He’s been here all night, watching. Watching the events on Mainframe unfold. He saw the challenge to Garrison by Paul Doom. He also saw a successful Tag title retention after the former champions cashed in the rematch clause. It even took a nasty turn when the self-proclaimed “Disease” had exhibited a lot of pent-up frustration after the match, when he left W.A.R. in the ring.

He watched as the fans ‘welcomed’ a new World Heavyweight Champion. They heckled as the New Breed entered the ring to berate the legacy of STEALTH, and cheered as Sean Taylor emerged as the new #1 Contender. He watched as Taylor and Dan Ryan stared each other down as the fans chanted for both.

He watched two behemoths collide as Paul Doom and Lynch Garrison faced off for the International title. He had seen earlier how Doom outwitted the champion to defend his title in a fair fight. Being on cloud nine as he is, Garrison restrained his Entourage backstage just so he could crush Doom’s pride on his own. He watched as both Doom and Garrison went at it pound for pound, tooth and nail, beating each other in a grueling fight. He knew to Garrison it meant glory, while to Doom it meant redemption. He doesn’t really know why, but he could feel it from their movements.

He is prepared.

The long leather overcoat provided to him fit his frame perfectly. The black wrestling attire felt almost like a second skin to him. The boots itched a bit before, but he hasn’t felt it anymore for an hour. The gloves were unnecessary tonight, and it only contributed to sweat from anticipation more than anything else. He’d been successful at keeping people near him away somewhat, but that was mostly because of the black muzzle mask he wore over his lower face. The other fans may have thought he’s more of an extreme fan or a goth, some didn’t notice because of the long flowing hair on his face. They may have noticed if there was a peep out of him, but for the entire night, they reveled at the in ring action, while he stayed seated and silent.

He is ready.

In the short time that he’s had to prepare, he knew he couldn’t flounder this. He had been waiting ever since the surgery. He had been told this was important for the EUWC and for him. He watched as both Garrison & Doom had scored two near falls against each other, the last one by Garrison earning the referee his anger as he shoved him to the corner in frustration. Garrison exited and re-entered the ring with a steel chair, waiting for Paul Doom to rise up.

He jumped the guardrail and on the ring apron with such quickness & speed that the announce team didn’t even notice till the fans started cheering. Garrison had no idea either till he looked at the titantron in horror. The Hazard turned around as the muzzled stranger jumped the top rope to a picture perfect heel kick to Garrison’s nose!

By the time Paul Doom recovered, he had disappeared into the audience just as quickly as he had arrived. Doom wasted no time to cover Lynch Garrison as the referee had recovered for a slow count 1…2… THREE!

The bell rang as the fans were jubilant. Paul Doom had beaten Lynch Garrison one-on-one and become the new International Champion. The fans however, cheered another name as the titantron replayed what happened earlier. It showed how he entered the ring, a man dressed in black with the trademark ring attire and long leather overcoat, wearing a muzzle mask with long flowing black hair, kick Garrison in the face and exit just as quickly. Doom watched intently on the ramp as did a recovering Garrison. There was no mistaking the attire, the appearance, but were it not for the great quickness and speed, they could swear it was…


The fans didn’t care for minute details. They could tell what had happened. Garrison had lost the title. Doom was the new International Champion. And the impossible had just happened.

In the shadows, he wanders off unnoticed. He hides there till the dust settles and the smoke clears. His heart, which was pulsating like a bass drum, now returning to normal.

He knew he had accomplished his goal.

He knew he had done well.

He will be back.



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