“What a wuss!”

Paul Doom responded to a stagehand after he found out that the high-and-mighty Matt Pickstock had taken the night off from this Mainframe. And why wouldn’t he? One of Pickstock’s noticeable qualities is that he never forgets a grudge. Especially if it’s one against him. Which, if Doom can spare the time to count, is a long deadly line starting with STEALTH all the way to the bottom of the popcorn vendor food chain.

Paul Doom definitely has a grudge alright. It was only after Bloodbath ended that Paul Doom was suspended after a wellness test. ‘Bullshit’ was Doom’s initial reaction, but he couldn’t argue with the board. Even though he knows Pickstock doctored the test results just so he could get him out of the roster, even for a month, Doom knew he couldn’t do anything about it then. Now that the 30-day suspension is over, Doom is definitely looking for payback.

However, since Pickstock now had a gastric disorder, Doom could spend the entire night making obviously ‘vaporous’ jokes all around the locker room. But Doom could now focus on another matter on his agenda. One that bothered him deeply, even on a personal level. He had been watching EUWC last month and noticed the return of Lynch Garrison and his ascension to the International title. What really bothered him was his campaign and eventual destruction of Lord Alucard at Ultra Brawl.

Doom and Alucard have been arch-nemeses ever since the EUWC restarted back in 2002. They’ve had 2 World Title reigns and 2 spectacular Hell in a Cell matches between them. Both of them have been largely at each other’s throats in their continued rivalry against each other, which culminated in their last match where Doom had nearly killed Alucard in the Cell. Through all the altercations, their rivalry was one where they would regard each other with utmost respect, especially after Alucard’s stint as co-GM, when he recruited him as the leader of Team Alucard against Pickstock’s Army.

Despite all their differences, the two had formed an alliance of sorts in recent times and looked to become a force to be reckoned with. That was, until Doom was suspended, very suspiciously before they could take part in the Tag Title contendership match. Doom has been a member of the infamous Regime long enough to know Pickstock would never stand them as the Tag Team Champions.

This time, however, things were different. Alucard had been mercilessly taken out by Lynch Garrison. And this time, it wasn’t just a one-on-one contest. Garrison had cleverly created a plan to take out the “most dominant superstar”, something Doom hardly believed Garrison could be capable of. He concocted a plan; spread his lackeys in position to strike at Alucard from every direction, which took its toll on Alucard long enough for Garrison to finally break him, literally. So far there has been no word on Alucard’s condition as his doctor’s press conference was scheduled to run tonight at Mainframe.

Paul Doom didn’t have to wait much longer as the show started, when Garrison made his way out along with his entourage to the ring. “The Hazard” looked like the happiest man alive as he had the International Title on his shoulder, being booed on his way to the ring. Doom watched from backstage as Garrison grabbed a mic.

“Now, didn’t I say it? Did I NOT SAY IT?” Garrison asks as the crowd boos.

“Not only did you all see me beat Lord Alucard, but as of last night, Lord Alucard is now extinct! If he’s still alive and breathing, it’s because he deserves this moment. All the pain and all the suffering he’s going through right now? Well he deserves EVERY BIT OF IT!”

“You’re one to talk”, Doom mutters to himself in the back.

“And in case any of you don’t believe me, I’ve got another surprise for you. The director was holding this for later, but after ‘persuading’ him, I’ve got the scoop ready right now. That’s right, what you’re about to see now is Lord Alucard’s surgeon addressing a press conference. It’s pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, but this is the important part.”

Garrison motions to the titantron as the press conference fast-forwards to the doctor making some statements.

“The prognosis, at this time, that even after successful spinal fusion surgery, the patient has undergone severe trauma on the back. In light of this, we have determined the road-map to recovery to be very long, hard and arduous for the patient. He will have to undergo several other procedures and will need to be operated on again to ensure the success of the surgery. This may take a time of up to 10 months before the patient can recover enough to train…”

Paul Doom looks visibly upset after hearing this. Once the monitor shows Garrison and his smug mug, Doom’s sorrow turns into anger in just one second.

“So now that the good doc’s spoken, it’s gonna be a long, long time before any of you can hope to see Alucard again. And even when that time comes, he’ll have me to deal with, and I’ll be sure to send him packing again. But that’s not gonna happen, because not only have I broken him physically, I’ve also broken him mentally. Alucard is now gonna be a nervous wreck every time he tries to even think about wrestling. Alucard will have sleepless nights where all he’ll be listening to is the sound of his back cracking…”

Garrison is interrupted by the sound of music as Paul Doom appears on stage. The crowd is elated to see Paul Doom after a month, making his way down to the ring. Doom looks angrily at Garrison, recognizing the man that beat him twice at Bloodbath years ago, in a Street fight and the Bloodbath Cage Match. Doom had a hard time against an animalistic Garrison, but this time, he was staring at a remorseless and calculated version of the same person. To Doom, Garrison can now confidently claim to have taken out both him and Alucard, and while Doom didn’t avenge himself back then, he’d be damned if he’ll let Alucard’s destruction go unpunished.

“Did you really think you could get away with it Lynch?” Doom asked as the crowd is now elated. “Did you actually think that you could just take out this company’s most prominent player, a human being, and just get a clean slip without answering anybody? Well you obviously still have a bit of a thick skull if you thought that.”

Garrison is smiling as he looks back at his Entourage. “Look kiddies, its Paul Doom. A living example that even zombies can still get contracts!”

“And look kiddies, its Lynch Garrison. Who knew that Big G could actually get this far!”

Garrison frowns, “That’s cute, real cute. What the hell do you want Doom? Why do you give a damn about Alucard? If you ask me, I actually did you a favor by taking him out, something you failed to do.”

“This isn’t about me Lynch. It’s about you crossing the line. It’s about you going overboard. You didn’t need to go that extreme. Do you realize what you have done? You could have killed him!”

“Don’t be all angels on me!” Garrison interrupted. “It’s not like you never crossed the line in your life!”

This stung Paul Doom. He had a reputation for being the one that could go overboard. At one point, he was the EUWC’s “baddest man”. He injured Nero a long time ago to earn Garrison’s wrath the first time. And not to forget his last HIAC match against Alucard.

“You’re right Lynch. I did set the standard. LIVE WITH IT! I look back and think every day to undo what I did, but that’s what made me Paul Doom. My character has to live with his past all the time, just so the future doesn’t see anything similar happen. And while I couldn’t undo what you did to Alucard, I will not stand idly by as you gloat on this.”

Garrison is starting to turn red. “You are so full of it! You obviously need a lesson in history about how I beat your @$$ twice on the same night. And I did it with full honors.”

“Stop living in the past Lynch! That was then, this is now! You eliminated Alucard in an unfair fight, when all your lackeys did the dirty work for you. I bet you couldn’t beat me one-on-one in a fair fight, because hey, your whole career in the EUWC has been just that. You got the rep for being the most vicious player, but all that’s gotten you is injured opponents, but no real victories.”

Garrison, now fuming, “Is that so?! Since you don’t remember the hurt I put you through, looks like I’ll have to remind you the hard way.”

Doom is now grinning ear to ear. “Is this where you challenge me to a match one-on-one, and then disqualify yourself after knocking me out with a steel chair? Totally predictable. If you have the b@lls to beat me in an actual wrestling match, you’ll do it either by a 123, or a tap-out! And just so you prove you’ve got two of them down there, how bout you put that pretty little title belt on the line?”

It would make Paul Doom’s day if steam could come out of Garrison’s ear at this point when he starts talking.

“Listen here you! You want me tonight!? You want the title tonight?! Just try and take it!!!”

Doom smiles as Garrison drops the mic in rage. Doom realizes this may be the moment Garrison pounces. “Wait up big man. You don’t want your boys to think you need to assault all your opponents before every match to win, do you?”

Garrison simply stops, only exhibiting rage in his face as Doom exits smiling out of the ring. First night back on the job and he nabs himself a title shot. If only Pickstock could watch him now. He knows that after he goaded Garrison’s ego this far, not even Pickstock could cancel the match, if a reigning Champion wants to defend the title this badly. Garrison will now have a point to prove.

“Hope you’re watching this Alucard”, Doom thinks to himself. “This is how you put a ‘monster’ in his place.”



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