This was bound to happen.

It could have happened on any other day, in any other place. It was expected to happen someday, and this was as good as any.

He is Lord Alucard. He expected this.

At 2306 Hrs Eastern Standard time, he lost all feeling in his limbs. He was unable to move after he was dropped in the ring like a lifeless puppet. Right after taking three excruciating backbreakers from “The Hazard Lynch Garrison, the last thing he saw was the rafters that he had jumped from only 25 minutes prior. If he wasn’t feeling delirious, he would have thought that he probably crashed into the ring and is now motionless from the fall. But those 25 minutes seem like flashes in his memory. Did they even happen?

He remembers being whisked away in a stretcher, watching with dismay the fans in attendance that had been silenced after watching the brutality. Delivered expertly by Lynch Garrison and his cohorts, Alucard watched as he headed to the back. The only motion he was capable of was blinking. He remembers the scenes in blinks as they seemed longer every time. He remembers when he saw Braden Kincaid and Hawkeye come out looking concerned. He remembers W.A.R. standing off in the shadows, obviously indifferent. He remembers Sean Taylor attempting to get past the medical crew. Last but not the least, there was no mistaking as he was being loaded into the ambulance, the lone figure with a championship belt he was all too familiar with. He couldn’t mistake the apprehension on STEALTH’s face as the events dawned on him. The doors closed and that’s when Alucard blinked his last.

He doesn’t remember how many hours have it been since the surgery took place. He doesn’t remember how long has he been in anesthesia. All he does remember, in flashes, is how he crashed face-first into a windscreen. He remembers being attacked from all corners by Garrison and his entourage. He remembers spitting blood in Garrison’s face after being berated and yelled at. He remembers the rafters and the mat. And the rafters and the mat again. And again.

For some time, after regaining consciousness, all the memories start pouring in like a river. He thinks of Ultra Brawl and what it could have been, instead only to end up in a heap. It will be a while before he can crawl before even thinking about walking. He’d be concerned if it was the first time that this happened. It was only a few years ago that he had been severely injured after his last ever altercation with his nemesis Paul Doom. He proved the naysayers wrong after he had a stellar match with Classy Mike C at his previous Ultra Brawl. He knows he can overcome this, but it would take time.

Time was the one luxury he couldn’t afford. Garrison had only begun to rise. The possibilities were endless for The Hazard. Garrison and his entourage would stop at nothing to bleed the company dry if they continued with their tactics. Garrison and his Entourage had to be stopped. And the only one to stop them is Lord Alucard. He knows it is true. The EUWC needs Lord Alucard. Perhaps now more than ever.

He had anticipated this. He knew this was the only resolution. He has been expecting this after receiving a warning of sorts from his good friend at the board. The doctors must have obviously informed Michael Colin Briggs of his consciousness. Now all he had to do was give the green light to the contingency plan. The EUWC needs Lord Alucard. Now, more than ever.

He knew this was coming. He is prepared.



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