Fireworks explode all around the stage as Ultra Brawl X kicks off! The Ford Field in Detroit Michigan is sold out as fans are excited to see the tenth edition of EUWC’s staple event.

“WE ARE LIVE from the Ford Field in Detroit Michigan! I’m Scott Marchman and with me is John Shaft.”

“And on behalf of EUWC, we welcome you to Ultra Brawl X. Scotty ma man, this is gonna be a spectacular night!”

“Indeed it is, and stop calling me Scotty!”

“You wish!”

“We’ve got an exciting lineup for all you fans in attendance and all the fans watching worldwide. W.A.R. continues in the EUWC as Jay Smash & AOD will defend the tag titles against Hawkeye & Braden Kincaid.”

“Both teams have pretty shaky foundations. Kincaid & Hawkeye are teaming up for the first time while Smash and AOD have been at odds especially after what happened on Mainframe.”

“That’s true, and let’s not forget Nero is out for blood against Beast for all the times he’s cost Nero some major matches. And Classy Mike C has a grudge match against the new Mr. Money in the Bank Cobris Grayson.”

“What I’m interested in seeing is the Gold Rush Final! T-Waring is gonna beat the crap out of Sean Taylor’s lazy old @$$.”

“What the hell are you talking about Shaft!? Taylor’s been fighting tooth-and-nail to get to the end of this tournament, just like Waring has. This promises to be a great encounter between a veteran and an upcoming superstar.”

“Whatever. Taylor should be retired and staying at home! Away from Wrestling!”

“As opposed to retiring and doing color commentary?”

“Hardy har har!”

“And let’s not forget the big two. Garrison defends the International Title against Lord Alucard, but this is more about vengeance than it is gold isn’t it?”

“He had it coming Scotty! Alucard was the one who brutalized Lynch Garrison & put him on the injured list. He deserves everything he’s gonna get tonight!”

“And finally, STEALTH defends the World Heavyweight Championship against the “Ego Buster” Dan Ryan who’s long overdue for his title shot!”

“Yeah and STEALTH has no chance considering Dan Ryan has Daymon & Benjamin watching his back, and his latest allegiance with Garrison should make sure the “Ego Buster” walks out tonight as Worlds Champion!”

“Well let’s head to the ring now for our first match…”



Ultra Brawl has always been a memorable event. This time isn’t any different. Alucard has watched an entire night unfold where rivalries have been settled, factions have cracked and a new player has emerged in the title scene. Watching the finals of the Gold rush tournament left him with satisfaction. At least he knows the right person got the title shot.

The bell rings and the announcement is made. “This next contest is a No-Disqualification match, for the International Championship!”

Alucard’s music hits and he leaps from the rafters. He thinks of past Ultra Brawls when his first outing earned him the World Championship inside a Hell in the Cell. His second was a “legends collide” match against Sean Taylor which didn’t go his way, but did give him a match for the ages. His last match at Ultra Brawl was a personal victory as he made his return to the ring after 2 years. Now, again, this will be a night to remember. Alucard knows that Garrison is out for revenge tonight, but he’ll try to redeem himself. If there is a soul within Garrison, he knows he’ll earn forgiveness for what he did. The only thing Alucard hasn’t pondered on yet, is what if he doesn’t?

Alucard lands in the ring much to the fan’s excitement. He looks around the crowd as “Alucard” chants break out. Alucard takes off his coat and glasses as Garrison’s music hits. “The Hazard” comes out to stage with his International Title around his waist and a microphone in hand. The crowd boos as Alucard watches his opponent, who seems to be in no hurry to come down to the ring.

“Lord Alucard”, Garrison finally speaks. “Tonight was supposed to be about vengeance. The night that I give you what you deserve after what you did to me. But vengeance aside, I started to think about how this match could be an International Title match, if you haven’t earned the shot. So I thought, it isn’t too late yet, and since you’re already in the ring, you won’t have any problem in earning that shot right NOW!

The fans boo at this as Alucard grabs a mic to answer back.

“Garrison, the International Title is not my concern; it never was till you brought it up. I still don’t need the title shot, what we do need to do is settle whatever issues we have between us.”

“Well that’s too bad,” Garrison responds coyly, “coz I just promised my good friend over here…” Garrison points to the stage as Johnny Lao emerges from behind the curtain, “… that he would get to be the one who challenges me for the title. So I told him, hey I got no problems, but you Alucard, might. So he’s all pumped and ready to prove his point to you.”

The crowd is confused as is Alucard while Lao enters the ring. The referee receives word from the back and informs Kandi about the development.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, by order of Matt Pickstock, the following match is for the International Title contendership.”

The crowd now boos as the bell rings. Johnny Lao and Alucard circle around till Lao pounces at Alucard with martial arts chops and elbow jabs. Lao seems to have Alucard staggered as he goes for an Irish whip that Alucard reverses, only to earn a spinning kick to the face! Lao goes for a cover but Alucard gets the shoulder up soon enough. While Alucard gets up, Lao bounces off the ropes but Alucard tosses him out of the ring. Lao hangs on to the apron and hits Alucard with a hangman drop. While Alucard is staggered, Lao flies off the ropes with a hurricarana!

Lao raises his arms in the air as the crowd boos him and goes to pick Alucard, but Alucard takes him down with a belly to back suplex! Alucard brings Lao outside and takes Lao out with a powerbomb through the announce table! Alucard returns to the ring as the referee counts Lao out. Alucard looks at Garrison who is irate as the referee calls for the bell, awarding the match to Alucard.

“Wait up, wait up. Did I say ‘friend’? I actually meant, friends!”

Mac now comes down to the ring as Alucard hits him with a right hand to start the fight early. The bell rings as both men are brawling with rights and lefts till Alucard gets the upper hand and after an Irish whip takes down Mac with a powerslam! Alucard picks up Mac to take him down with an Einhander, but Mac shakes himself off and hits Alucard in the face with a blackjack he took out from his pocket! The referee promptly disqualifies him and Mac leaves the ring.

Alucard looks at the entrance but Garrison is nowhere in sight. Alucard continues looking till Andre Martinez hits Alucard from behind with a steel chair. Alucard doesn’t go down though and turns around only to get hit again with a chairshot to the head!

Martinez drops the chair and joins Mac outside who’s picked up Lao from the announce table debris. Garrison’s music hits again as this time Garrison brings out his Range Rover from the entrance. Garrison parks it right in front of the ring and gets out to high five his entourage. Garrison enters the ring and stands over Alucard like a vulture. Garrison picks up Alucard and takes him down again with a thunderous Chokeslam! Garrison picks him up again and hits yet another chokeslam! Quickly Garrison climbs up the top turnbuckle and hits Alucard with the Terrarizer!

Alucard is now spitting blood as Garrison now laughs. He brings Alucard out of the ring. Garrison is about to hit Alucard head first into the Rover’s bulbar but Alucard blocks and hits Garrison’s head instead! Alucard shows some more resilience by hitting Garrison into the bulbar twice again before whipping Garrison right into the Rover’s front! Suddenly Martinez stops the onslaught by taking Alucard down with a clothesline.

Garrison recovers and is irate. He picks up Lord Alucard with Martinez’ assistance and ram’s Alucard head first into the Rover’s windscreen, just like it happened to him. The crowd falls silent as Alucard is motionless while Garrison continues to yell in his bloodied face.


Garrison pulls Alucard out of the truck and shoves him back in the ring. The Entourage come in and hold Alucard up, whose face is bloodied and stuck with windscreen bits. His face looks like a Halloween mask as Garrison continues to hammer away at him. Lao gets Garrison a microphone who’s staring at Alucard.

“Games over Alucard! Your time is up! I told you I was gonna get rid of you once and for all. You will never EVER continue to be dominant again! You will be a footnote in EUWC’s history. Cause I’ve finally broken you down Alucard. You are not gonna come back from this. This is the end, and you know it was me who brought it to you. Admit it. In front of all these people, ADMIT IT NOW!”

Garrison brings the mic to Alucard’s mouth, whose labored breathing is evident as he speaks.

“Go to HELL!” and Alucard spits blood in Garrison’s face.

Garrison falls back cleaning the blood off his face as the Entourage beat away on Lord Alucard. The three on one assault continues till Garrison shoves everyone out of the way. Garrison picks up a helpless Alucard by the throat and spits right back in his face. Garrison picks up Alucard for a Military press and has him up for a long time before bringing him down with full force on his knee for a cracking backbreaker! Garrison picks him up in another military press and hits another backbreaker. This happens for a third time till the only motion Alucard’s body can exhibit is breathing. His limbs lie motionless & wrecked and Alucard can only look at the lights as Garrison and the Entourage look down on his fallen body.

The referee gets the four away as medical crew head down to the ramp with a stretcher. The Entourage gets in the pickup and leaves while the medics tend to Alucard, who hasn’t moved a bit after the last backbreaker. The crowd is dead silent in gloom as Alucard is put on a stretcher with a neck brace. Medics take the stretcher to the back as several wrestlers pour out to get a glimpse of Lord Alucard on his way to the ambulance. The stretcher runs past STEALTH who was heading for his World Title Match.

The World Champion pauses to watch Alucard being loaded on the ambulance. This didn’t have to happen. Garrison was totally out of control and out for vengeance, but this? This goes beyond humanity and when the night is done, STEALTH will be out for answers. But right now, he’ll have to put Alucard as priority 2. Dan Ryan’s going to be a handful, and with what happened to Alucard, the odds look very off from where he stands now.

NEXT: The saga continues in Arc 2.
The fate of Lord Alucard after suffering a brutal injury.
The Champions & the Contenders.
The Turf battles.
and more….


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