The last three weeks had been great for Lynch Garrison. Professionally, he had won the International Championship for a fourth time and highlighted the last two main events on Mainframe. Personally, he had gotten under Alucard’s skin as his plans had come to near fruition. He’d even gotten Mac a taste of what it’s like to have vengeance in mind. Garrison had seen the look on Mac’s face after his match with Alucard last week. The look that he was disappointed with the way Martinez had ruined the end to his story tale match last week.

That was the last thing the Hazard needed; an ally with a soul. Which is why it was too important for him to corrupt his sense of honor. He already skipped one kid with a conscience, so it was mandatory he didn’t need to clip someone else off his wings too. As Mainframe closed last week, Garrison had Mac escape in his SUV to dupe Alucard into frustration, long enough for Garrison to make his move. Garrison was satisfied that now Mac wouldn’t question his better judgment again.

This night on Mainframe needed to be special. It was the last Mainframe before Ultra Brawl X so it was bound to be one of those “fever pitch” shows. Waring had already beaten Nero after yet another distraction by Beast that let Waring advance to Ultra Brawl in the Gold Rush tournament. This prompted Matt Pickstock to book a match between Nero & Beast at UBX to settle their differences once and for all. The setup for the Tag Title match saw Braden Kincaid take on Jay Smash in another competitive match, if it wasn’t for AOD’s interference. Smash looked visibly upset at this, but it seemed like a trend with W.A.R. Still, Kincaid and Hawkeye would get their chance at UBX to get those tag belts away from them.

The night also saw Sean Taylor earn another hard earned victory, this time over Adam Benjamin, to advance in the Gold Rush. Taylor was set to face Waring at UBX, and Garrison wonders it’s been a long road for Taylor. Only years ago did Garrison have a large hand in taking Sean Taylor off from his game, and yet Taylor always came back persistent as ever. Perhaps after he’s done with Alucard, he could probably take Taylor out again. But right now, it was all about Alucard.

Garrison would finally get an opportunity to soften up his opponent for UBX. In his good wisdom, Pickstock had set Alucard to team up with STEALTH in order to take on Dan Ryan and Lynch Garrison. Garrison could imagine that Alucard has been waiting for this moment, almost as much as Ultra Brawl X. He saw Alucard make his jump to the ring again after STEALTH had entered. One look was enough to tell Garrison that Alucard’s face was tired. Tired of the assaults, the ploys, the mind games that Garrison kept throwing at him. Even after that, Alucard came coming back every night, focused enough to overcome him. Garrison knew that Alucard could take the punishment, and eventually it had to boil down at UBX where he’d finish him for good. Which is why he needed to do this tonight.

His partner Dan Ryan had stopped down the ramp, waiting for his partner. Garrison’s music hit and the Hazard came out on stage with his belt and microphone. The crowd was booing as Garrison spoke.

“Sorry to flush your hopes down the drain Alucard, but you see, I’m not really in the mood to bother with you tonight. See, I’ve been saving this moment for UBX to be so special, it’s really gonna make it a bore if I wrestle you tonight. So that’s why, I’m just gonna take the night off.”

The crowd gives a mixed reaction and even Dan Ryan looks agitated. Only Alucard remains expressionless.

“Whoa don’t worry Danny boy,” Garrison responds to his tag partner. “I’m not leaving you out in the cold. After all the help you and your pals have been, I’m gonna do you a favor.”

Garrison motions behind him as the music hits to reveal Andre Martinez coming from behind the curtain. The crowd starts to boo again as Martinez is pepped up by Garrison while he makes his way to the ring. At 6’8” and 290 lbs, Martinez is pure muscle that could give Dan Ryan and even The Hazard a run for their money. Garrison knew that STEALTH & Alucard didn’t expect this to happen, and now the veterans will need to change their strategy. Not that he doubts that two “longest reigning World Champions” wouldn’t take on the challenge, but still, Garrison had dropped another surprise.

The match itself had been a display of power, skill and experience. Dan Ryan had obviously taken the kid for granted as Martinez could definitely do a number on STEALTH. Martinez and Ryan kept tagging periodically to keep the World Champion isolated for a better part of the match, till it was only time when the Ego Buster got cocky, allowing STEALTH to use the opportunity to hit a running DDT! STEALTH had very little time before Ryan would make a tag when he tagged in Lord Alucard. Alucard, showing experience was just as important, leapt into the ring to first take out Martinez from the corner and whip the Ego Buster to the corner for right hands. Garrison watched as Alucard took out the # 1 Contender with a shoulder back toss and booted Martinez off the apron. Alucard didn’t look tired anymore as he had Dan Ryan within his control. Alucard tried to bounce off the apron till he spotted Garrison about to tackle him. This was enough time for Ryan to tag in Martinez, who took down a turning Alucard with a hard belly to belly suplex!

Martinez wouldn’t be happy for long as STEALTH flew off the top rope for a double axe handle to knock the big man off his feet! Dan Ryan and STEALTH then got into an exchange of right hands before their fight spilled outside, and into the crowd. Meanwhile, Martinez attempted a jackhammer on Alucard, only to have Alucard reverse it into an Einhander! The referee counts the pinfall and awards Alucard and STEALTH the match. The victory is short lived as Garrison knocks Alucard out with a spinebuster! Garrison then climbs up top and flies off with a Terrarizer on Alucard! Garrison, smiling over his fallen opponent, collects Martinez and makes his way up the ramp. It’s only then that he hears a cheer from the crowd and his name.


Both Martinez and Garrison turn around to look at Alucard sitting in the ring with a microphone in his hand. Garrison is shocked that Alucard is still able to draw enough breath to talk, but does notice Alucard clutching his stomach.

“For weeks, you’ve been talking, you’ve been plotting, and you’ve made your impact. Well the time for talk is now over. Go home, rest, prepare. This Sunday at Ultra Brawl, there won’t be any plans. There won’t be any exits. The time for talk is over. It’ll be just you and me.”

Garrison looks to be fuming as the crowd starts an ‘Alucard’ chant.

“If vengeance is what you want so badly, then do your worst. Its prove time Garrison. So either put up… or shut up!”

The crowd erupts this time and Garrison is none too happy. Martinez tries to get him backstage before anything else happens as the show goes off the air.


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