While he didn’t really realize why his friends Martinez and Johnny Lao wanted to be in the EUWC, Mac had a craving for action that only being in a top promotion would get him. He’d only been in the roster for a week and he’d seen the top stars perform right in front of his eyes. Only last week did he get to see two of his British neighbors duke it out in a brawl. He had seen T-Waring beat Classy Mike C at Bloodbath in a bar, but it was an entirely different experience watching it from the audience. He’d gotten a chance to be in the audience on request which Garrison obliged. The match itself was a treat for someone who craved the competition and Mac was astounded to see a picture perfect Commander Slam that sealed the victory for Waring.

He was also disappointed in seeing Nero win on the same night but not on his own, instead picking up the win by DQ after W.A.R. interfered yet again. Even if they cost Beast a shot at the title, they made an example of Nero yet again. Still, the match didn’t really provide him the competition Mac had hoped for, which is why he was glad to be a part of the main event last week. Even this edition of Mainframe was a treat to him. He was secretly happy that Sean Taylor had finally shaken a monkey off his back and defeated his rival Sevyn to advance in the Gold Rush Tournament. Third time’s the charm, he thought, or even the desire to become champion again was enough for Taylor to make a stellar effort.

Mac would have also wanted to see Hawkeye and Benjamin compete, but apparently the thrill of the competition had gotten to him, which is why he had pleaded Garrison for his permission to compete tonight. Garrison wouldn’t have accepted it in usual circumstances, but Mac knew how to get to his mentor’s approval. It was the second half of Mainframe after the break that Mac appeared in the ring with a microphone in hand. It was going to be his first time addressing a live crowd, which had already disapproved his arrival.

“All my career, the only thing that I have wanted more than anything, is competition. To be right where the action is, to get into the fight for all ages. And to be the one that takes the fight to a whole new level. I’ve always wanted to be right where the action is and tonight, I’m throwing myself right in the pit. That’s right, I’m calling you out, Lord Alucard!”

The fans go crazy as the commentators are baffled!

“Does this guy have a deathwish? Is he really calling out who I think he is?!”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch Scotty! Alucard’s obviously softened up after what happened to him last week.

Mac takes in all the cheers, even if they’re for his expected competitor. “You hear that Alucard? That’s the sound I relish! These people want to see action, just like I want to give it to them, and you don’t want to be the person that disappoints us. Come on Alucard! Come on down here! Show us what you’re made of! Give us what WE WANT!!!”

As if on cue, black flashes again from the roof as Alucard makes another jump down to the ring! Mac is taken aback just a bit. A mix of fear and thrill, this is going be a challenge indeed. Here he was, the “most Dominant Superstar” of the EUWC, or once upon a time he was. The former longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion, the man that nearly died inside Hell in a Cell, the former co-GM of Mainframe. Right here, in the ring with him. Mac was definitely in the snake pit.

Mac was definitely no slouch. Far from it; Mac stood at 6’3” and weighed in at 245 lbs. He had won several matches before for independent promotions, and was a star in his local league in Ireland. Mac had gone through a grueling regimen in his development league where he was among three that Garrison hand-picked to be by his side. All it took was for Alucard to take of his coat and the bell to ring and Mac sprung into action. With a flurry of right hands and a whip followed by a clothesline, and Mac had Alucard on the ropes! THE Lord Alucard!

It was an impressive showing as the two shared headlocks, whips and slams, but it was obvious that Mac did have his hands full. Even after a beatdown from last Mainframe, Lord Alucard was focused! Mac did expect Alucard to be more aggressive as he was one of Garrison’s protégé, but Alucard did have a knack of being gracious when it came to indirect aggression. Mac didn’t expect a victory; he wanted competition from the get-go, and Alucard brought that like no one else he had faced. Fifteen minutes into a grueling match and Alucard scored the pinfall after an Einhander!

Mac did want to shake his opponent’s hand but he wouldn’t get that chance as Andre Martinez pounced on Alucard! Martinez had attacked Lord Alucard with a shoulder block from behind even before the referee could raise his hand. Mac didn’t think this would happen, but obviously Garrison had wanted this to happen. Martinez caught Alucard in a bear hug for a while before slamming him hard onto the mat! Garrison and Johnny Lao appeared on stage as Martinez leapt off the ropes with a body splash on a fallen Alucard! Both Garrison & Lao applauded as Martinez raised a surprised Mac’s arm in the air as the crowd booed. Martinez went back up the ramp with Mac looking upset, but earned a pat on the back from his mentor.

Guess that was enough for Mac. He didn’t think he could win so soon. All he wanted was approval and competition. Then again, it just looked like there was no honor in defeat either.

Regardless, he was with the Hazard now. He’d get over concepts like ‘honor’ pretty soon. He still had the rest of Mainframe to watch. Hawkeye vs. Benjamin should have action too, and so should the main event with his mentor facing the World Champion. Of course Mac didn’t get much of a chance to see it. The fight between STEALTH and Garrison had spilled backstage where the ever so opportunistic Dan Ryan had ambushed the World Champion. Keeping STEALTH out of his agenda once again, Garrison had decided to exit leaving STEALTH & Dan Ryan to duke it out but saw a waiting Alucard at the end of the corridor. Garrison moved back as Alucard sinisterly made his way towards the Hazard when Lao & Martinez came to Garrison’s side. The Entourage moved towards Alucard but earned a lead pipe shot to the gut and back one by one. Garrison had high-tailed it by then as Alucard was in hot pursuit.

Alucard made his way out to the parking lot but Garrison had apparently escaped in his Range Rover. Alucard was fuming, but that didn’t last long as Garrison attacked him from behind with a garbage can! Alucard fell again as the Rover backed up in the lot. Garrison had a smile on his face as Mac got off the truck.

“Great stuff Mac!” Garrison said as he patted his protégé’s shoulder. “You’re gonna do great here!”

Mac had learned an important lesson. Honor can easily be substituted with Glory.


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