“Ring Rust” is defined as a condition when a wrestler returns to the ring after an absence and they don’t perform as well in the ring as they did before said absence. Garrison could use that excuse right about now, but he’d only been gone for a month or so. And yet, for some reason the Hazard was taking it slow against Rocko Daymon right now. Having his first International Title defense on the main event slot meant that both these competitors had to bring in their A-Game. No doubt Daymon didn’t intend to be a slouch. He’s held the gold before and of course had a point to prove. The loss against STEALTH was still reeling in his head and already he was sick of having another EUWC ‘fossil’ grab onto gold. Which would explain how fast and deadly he was showing himself against Garrison, who was only overpowering periodically.

The same Garrison who wouldn’t waste any time to get violent and literally thrash his opponents using the size advantage. However it was almost as if he was purposely trying not to exert himself. Daymon would probably laugh and want to crack another “old man” joke right now. He knew he had the edge all throughout this match, but had to be vary of any power attack. Fortune swung his way as after a smashing DDT, Daymon got a near fall. Daymon couldn’t believe his luck and started arguing with the referee, which provided enough time for Johnny Lao climb out of the audience. Lao handed the International Title belt to Garrison, who wasted no time to hit it head first into Daymon. The referee called for the bell as Garrison held the belt in his hand, waiting for Daymon to get back up.

Flashes of light come in different colors, most vibrant ones. Blue, red, green, purple etc. But black? That was a first. It was something Garrison saw just then as a black flash came right down to the ring that shocked him. Garrison had seen this backstage before, but right in front of him, in the middle of the ring, it was indeed enough to give someone a heart attack. Garrison is not one to fall for intimidation, but this time Lord Alucard had struck! The patented descent right into the center of the ring had Garrison heaving as he waited for Alucard to make his move, but this time, Alucard just stood still, looking at him. Looking at how in one single moment, Garrison had seen fear. Rocko Daymon, on the other hand, didn’t see the flash, which kept him agile enough to deliver the unexpected low blow to Alucard from behind!

“WHAT THE F–!?” Shaft exploded as the crowd started to boo heavily.

Garrison recollected himself and joined Rocko Daymon in stomping over a fallen Alucard. The New Breed and the Entourage had also joined them as Dan Ryan took over from Daymon to beat down Alucard with a clothesline! The plan had come to fruition. No one suspected that Garrison had planned this all along. Showing up at the exact time when the New Breed was in Pickstock’s office, supposedly arguing with Daymon, getting the main event match and resorting to dirty tactics were just the right ingredients to lure out Alucard into the open.

What Garrison didn’t count on was STEALTH interrupting the same moment. Perhaps out of respect for Alucard or returning the favor from last week, but mostly for getting to Dan Ryan, STEALTH had taken out Garrison’s entourage with the help of a steel chair before the Ego Buster struck and took down the champion with a spear! To Garrison, this was supposed to be all personal, but apparently he found himself a reward for the New Breed. Oh well, at least now they wouldn’t be hounding him for any favors. Besides which, he couldn’t be bothered with STEALTH right now. Not when he had Alucard right where he wanted him.

“ALUCARD!” Garrison yelled out in the microphone. “You think that you turning a new leaf changes anything? You think you come out here every night to do the right thing redeems you of what you did? Well IT DON’T CHANGE A THING! IT DON’T CHANGE WHAT YOU DID TO ME! YOU WILL NOT… BE… FORGIVEN! You hogged the spotlight in this company when you were in the Regime and you held me down to being second best! And then you took me away from my home in the cage at Bloodbath. But you do it like a coward!? Well my time’s gonna come soon Alucard, and I’m not gonna finish you off from your home at Ultra Brawl. I will not rest till I RID THIS WORLD OF YOU!!!”

Garrison drops the mic and orders the Entourage to pick him up. Martinez complies as he hoists Alucard towards Garrison, who grabs his throat for a vicious chokeslam! Garrison laughs as he looks around him. The New Breed had already laid the World Champion to waste on the outside and was about to leave and Alucard lay motionless in the ring. Garrison continues to laugh as Mainframe went off the air.

It was only when the Entourage got backstage when they were stopped by a seemingly unhappy Matt Pickstock.

“You know what Lynch? You may have gotten your way tonight by fooling me, but at least you took down both Alucard and STEALTH on the same night.”

Garrison smirked “Well Credit goes where credit’s due, and the New Breed gets that in spades.”

“I knew you’d say that, which is why you’d be glad to hear that Dan Ryan already called in the favor you owe them. Next week, you go head to head with the World Heavyweight Champion, STEALTH!”

“Is that so?” Garrison responded “Well I don’t mind the sneakin’ in this, but at least its gonna give me a chance to show my boys just what it takes to face the top dogs!”

“Speaking of which, you do know that you’re now into a match with Alucard at Ultra Brawl X. And since this is a grand event you’re gonna…”

Garrison saw this one coming “Yeah yeah I know, it’ll be a title match. No problem, I have no problems with defending the International belt, because it’s not gonna change the outcome, that I will DESTROY Alucard!”

“Actually, I was gonna suggest that this match be No Disqualifications, but what the hell! A no-DQ International Title match sounds just as dandy.”

Garrison couldn’t have been more pleased. “Go ahead, make it easy on him. He’ll need all the tricks, cos there’s no way he’s walking out of there in one piece, let alone this belt!”

Garrison thumps the belt with authority and walks away with the Entourage in tow. He’s a happy camper now that he’s gotten this Mainframe with stellar action. And even some fodder for too.


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