Matt Pickstock’s life in the EUWC has been a roller coaster, and yet by far is the only constant seen in EUWC since its inception. Commissioner  owner, CEO, high chief; they may as well name him the Grand Puba of EUWC. For that is what Pickstock’s legacy is. No matter what little to great event that takes place, Matt Pickstock has always pulled his weight around. Either out of sheer power trips or human compulsion, Pickstock has been involved in every major decision, controversy, breakthrough etc in the EUWC. Even when he confidently claimed he wouldn’t interfere in EUWC events, Pickstock called the biggest checkmate when he revoked both the World Heavyweight and the now defunct EUWC Championships during a stellar unification match between Nero & Hawkeye. While he claims that it was due to the match going out of control, critics and Nero in particular have claimed it was out of sheer ego.

A lot of people wonder if Pickstock ever read Bischoff’s “Controversy Creates Cash”, not just as inspiration to get the EUWC top draws, but also to see if he lives for the thrill of it! If the unification controversy wasn’t enough, he’s forced to start off the return of Mainframe to settle the fate of “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan’s MiTB contract. Eventually, after a heated discussion with the New Breed, it was settled that Dan Ryan would get his shot at Ultra Brawl X. If it were any other case, Pickstock would have tore up the contract in his face, but since STEALTH was the World Champion, Pickstock needed all the artillery he could muster. He’d only settled one issue when “The Hazard” Lynch Garrison entered the office along with the Entourage.

“So this is the New Breed, huh?” Garrison exclaims as both groups look alertly into each other with Pickstock in the middle.

“What do you want, Lynch?!” Pickstock finally spoke. “ I’ve already got my hands full than to deal with your problems already.”

“Oh there is a problem alright” Garrison answered. “I went out there looking for Alucard but turns out he’s not even here. What, did you give him the night off Matt?! Is this how you manage talent around here?!”

“Yeah Matty,” Daymon finally spoke. “You’re a real sloppy boss, when you let guys like Alucard drop off the radar. The guy’s probably sipping pinacolada while he cashes another cheque guys like us make for the company!”

“Uh, “thank you for giving my beefy buddy a World Title shot?!””

Daymon grins “Real cute ‘Prickstock’. Considering you just give out briefcases even when one isn’t done yet! Great management!”

Garrison smirks as Daymon looks on.

“You think that’s funny ‘Hazard’? Seriously Matty, if it’s bad enough with Alucard, now we’ve got this tub of lard back!”

Garrison is now irate: “What the hell do…”

“Yeah that’s right big man!” Daymon continues his tirade. “You disappear for a month cause of a papercut, and then just waltz in here and grab a major title, without even striving for it like any other hard working competitor. What gives you the right to do that, huh?”

“Papercut!? Well at least I didn’t lose out on my World Title shot just cause of taking a nap in the ring!”

“Why I outta…”

“KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO!” Pickstock finally manages to raise his voice. “Since the two of you wanna tear into each other so bad, let’s make it official! Garrison, you’ll be defending the International title tonight against Rocko Daymon!”

“Yeah?” Garrison responds. “Well that’s just fine by me! And guess what “hard-worker”, you may as well put your money where your mouth is, cause you’re in for the beatdown of your life!”

Daymon just smiles as the Entourage leaves. Pickstock heaves a sigh of relief as he’s addressing the New Breed.

“Ok wiseguys, you’ve got what you wanted. Now can you please take your ranting and raving out of my office?”

The New Breed is about to leave when Pickstock suddenly stops Daymon.

“Whoa wait a minute…” Pickstock says coyly, “Now that you boys got what you wanted, how bout you consider a proposition.”

Dan Ryan comes forward this time, not wanting to be left out of any discussion. “What did you have in mind, boss?”

“Well you see, both of you have major title matches that I can help you two with, and in return…”

“Hold it right there pops!” Ryan interrupts. “I see where this is heading. Look, as much as you like getting your hands on some new lackeys, The Ego Buster works for himself only! Rocko and Adam are just two of my closest associates, and we’re all on a mission to end the era of yesterday.”

“Exactly!” responds Pickstock “which is why I’m giving you this chance to shine all over the EUWC…”

“Forget it!” Ryan interrupts again. “ We’ve already got plans bigger than what you can imagine. And anyways, if there’s gonna be a revolt, the New Breed knows how to revolt!”

And with that, the trio leaves Pickstock to fume on his own. As if fuming over these ego maniacs wasn’t enough, the sound of Nero and Classy arguing their way to his office leaves him unhappier as always.

“Well maybe they have champions that dress in pink where you come from Nero, but my home country has a rich tradition of wrestling prowess!”

“Rich pansies is more like it Crappy!” Nero retorts Classy’s arguments. “The only thing you’re good at is losing to another Brit on PPV!”

“Why you dirty…”

Pickstock can’t stand this anymore “ENOUGH! Cant the two of you be civil for 5 freakin’ seconds?!” I’ve already had a busy night with the New Breed and Garrison than to have you two bickering around here.”

“Well he started it!” Nero retorts.

“SHUT UP! Not another word out of either of you! Now I know you guys need to take out your frustrations on WAR for all the times they’ve interfered in your matches, but it’s obvious that you two can’t co-exist for takeout even! As much as I need WAR out of here, I need to put all of you in an equation where you two can think clearly about what you’re doing. So I’ve got an idea. Next week on Mainframe, we’re gonna start the Gold Rush tournament. The finals gonna be at the Ultra Brawl X where we get the new # 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Now since you two are so eager, we’re gonna have first round matches tonight! Its gonna be you, Nero taking on BEAST! And Mike C, you’ll get your chance at redemption when you face off against T-Waring!

Both Nero and Mike C are pleased at the prospect and nod in approval.

“Are you two happy now? Good, now get out of my office! I need a break from EVERYTHING!!!”

Pickstock outbursts as the two leave, with Nero muttering “spoilsport” on his way out. Finally Pickstock can relax.


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