For over a decade, Mainframe has been the staple live event broadcast every week on television. Sold-out crowds would throng arenas where the event would be held live and broadcast on Fox. Only recently was Mainframe put on hiatus for the Onslaught tour which ended last week, so it was only fitting that Mainframe make its much awaited return.

And it’s been a return packed with controversy & action! A heated row to determine Dan Ryan’s eligibility as Mr. Money in the Bank is to be decided as Cobris Grayson now has the briefcase. The new #1 Contenders to the Tag Team titles intend on starting their campaign heading into Ultra Brawl X, where they face off Jay Smash and AOD for the gold. Nero is out for blood against WAR’s own Beast, after Beast has interfered against Nero to cost him both Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships since Bloodbath. Its sure to be a wild night again, but that’s nothing new with Mainframe for sure.

Fitting then, that the show starts off with the fallout from Onslaught. “The Hazard” Lynch Garrison appears on stage with his recently acquired International Championship belt, a title he won very controversially last week. He’s flanked with his ‘entourage’, three up-and-coming wrestlers that Garrison had met a few days before in developmental territories. The International Champion and his entourage make their way, amid a chorus of boos from the audience which Garrison just eats up and laughs off. The other three are somewhat nervous, mostly for being in front of a live audience. This is their big break and no way they would want to screw this up. They enter the ring and Garrison grabs a mic, but before he speaks, he looks up and around into the sky.

“I got a feeling he’s looking for Lord Alucard up there,” Shaft exclaims.

Marchman, never failing to respond to any of his partner’s statements: “True but as we’ve seen before, Alucard just doesn’t get sighted very easily.”

“Well, well, well!” Garrison finally speaks as the crowd still boos heavily. “Welcome back one and all, to Mainframe Live! The show that put EUWC on TV and has entertained for years and years. It only feels like yesterday that I made my debut on Mainframe. Those were some good times. And then there were some bad times too. Like this…”

Garrison points to the titantron where a photo of Garrison’s head bashed in a car windscreen is shown. The boos do die down a bit now as the air almost sounds sympathetic. Garrison continues…

“For those of you who saw this way back the last time Mainframe rolled around town, it must definitely have been hard to see. Definitely been hard to show this to your children who you probably brought along to their first wrestling event, or just annoyed you to bring them over. Now if it looks so bad to you, imagine me, who had to take it. In fact, take a good look at my face.”

Garrison is dead quiet as the camera zooms in to show the scars and marks on his face.

“They tell me that it took them 10 hours to get rid of every single little bit and shard of glass out of my face. They tell me it was real hard as windscreen glass doesn’t break like regular glass does. Regular glass is large pieces, but windscreen glass breaks into little bits that no one can really tell. If it wasn’t for all the bloody spots, they wouldn’t have been able to tell just how many were still stuck in my head. I could have told them if I was still awake, since I could feel every single bit of them. All the pain, all the misery of not even getting to chew food or it may hurt again. Imagine that happening kiddies.”

Not much of a reaction again. Both commentators are oddly silent.

“And yet, here I am! It took a while to heal all the wounds and get back on track, but for all the time it took, it got me to plan a little before I came back. I observed events in the EUWC and looked for spots to make my comeback. Not only that, I planned I would come back prepared. To do that, I got my hands on three of the most talented boys I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny what you’ll find in development territories. These three guys here with me are going to get the best opportunity to shine in the EUWC.”

Garrison heads to the first person on the right, a Caucasian with a semi built physique.

“First up, straight from the Emerald Isle, one of the best pure strikers you’ll see, Sio, uhh… Seee… sorry man, get it wrong every time, Siobhan MacDougal!”

MacDougal raises his arms in the air to a mixed reaction.

“Hey man”, Garrison address MacDougal, “don’t mind, but just to make it easier, I’m gonna call you ‘Mac’ from now on, okay?”

‘Mac’ nods as Garrison smiles and moves on to the next person.

“Next up, straight from the Peoples Republic of China, please welcome Johnny Lao!”

Lao takes a bow to another mixed reaction. Garrison finally moves on to the last person.

“And finally, a guy who I wouldn’t want to mess with in a bar. Pound for pound the best brawler and physically intimidating guy you’ll see, next to me of course. Give it up for Andre Martinez!”

Andre smirks and blows a kiss to the crowd.

“So then I had my entourage, three up and comers who put their faith in me, while I trust them to watch my back. The next thing I needed was to pick my time to come back. I could have taken a hiatus for a year before returning, but I was hungry enough to eat a horse to come back! I picked the right time when EUWC was in total chaos. With nothing but confusion and questions, and chaos! Then came the right moment, and it was fate that the International Title here was vacant. This is the very title that has the distinction for being the title ‘hazardous’ enough to get, and rightly so, you’re looking at the “International Hazard”.

“International Hazard?!” Marchman retorts as the crowd starts booing somewhat.

“That’s a good one Scotty!” replies his partner Shaft.

“And now that we’ve gone over the who and what, let’s get down to why. Why? I’ll tell ya why. LORD ALUCARD! THAT’S WHY!!!”

Garrison then looks back to the sky as the spotlight hits the rafters.

“Well Garrison finally said it, but where is Alucard?”

“Not up on those rafters, that’s for sure Scotty.”

The crowd cheered for a bit which died down as soon as they saw Alucard wasn’t there.

“Yeah that’s right, disappear Alucard. Disappear and stay away for as long as you can. But sooner or later, you’re gonna have ta own up to what you did to me! And I’m gonna make sure that payback is gonna be a b*tch! ALUCARD, listen up and listen good! This is only the beginning. Before it’s all said and done, I will destroy YOU!”

The crowd his booing now as Garrison has the megalomaniacal smile on his face.

“All that’s left to answer is how. Well, you’re all gonna find out soon enough!”

And with that, Garrison and his entourage take their leave, prompting the crowd to continue booing. The cameras pan up once more to the roof where the spotlights look for Lord Alucard, but he’s nowhere to be found.


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