Being a member of the old guard isn’t easy. Being a member of the old guard as well as being World Heavyweight Champion? That’s a different story. In the position he’s in today, STEALTH could do just about anything he wants in the company. Take a vacation to the Bahamas, meddle around in the EUWC affairs to get his way, probably even choose his own opponents for the title. Still, STEALTH feels a sense of responsibility that comes with being the World Heavyweight Champion and the longest tenured superstar currently on the roster. That’s why it troubles him to see someone he holds in great esteem, to go to a sudden decline.

It’s not that STEALTH hasn’t any problems of his own. He’s already preoccupied with the New Breed that’s made inroads in the EUWC. Rocko Daymon, Adam Benjamin and Dan Ryan have been constantly imposing their new era into a world that STEALTH helped nurture all these years. Years of hard work, dedication, loyalty and respect; all being disregarded as ancient by the New Breed. All three of them have made a strong case to be the future of the EUWC and their specific target happens to be the top. It was only a year ago that Adam Benjamin had the EUWC World Heavyweight Title, only to lose it unceremoniously. Last month, Rocko Daymon had his long overdue chance to beat STEALTH, but that was mired in controversy. Some say Daymon had the belt in the bag, some even went on that this was his ultimate chance, which begged the question of why he didn’t answer the countout. Was he really incapacitated, or otherwise? And then there’s Dan Ryan, the man formerly known as Mr. Money in the Bank.

True, STEALTH does have his hands full. And yet, he’s concerned about what another superstar is involved in. And why not? In his eyes, Lord Alucard has made a remarkable contribution to the EUWC that even STEALTH can’t argue with.

Which makes STEALTH ponder even more…

Of all things that Alucard could be doing now; contending for a vacant International Championship, aid him in dealing with the New Breed, even become a contender for a title that both these men have held longer than anyone else, Alucard chooses to remain in the shadows till needed. What is needed of him is to fill the ranks as a contender to the top title. Instead, he’s just wasting his time. The W.A.R. started by the faction of Angel of Death, Jay Smash, Black Widow, Beast and Cobris Grayson has taken the EUWC by storm. They already struck first blood when both AOD & Smash won the coveted Tag Team Championships. As if that wasn’t enough, Cobris Grayson won the 30-man bloodbath match. They look focused to capture the EUWC International Title, only to face resistance from unlikely allies. No one expects “Classy” Mike C and “The Great & almighty” Nero to even consider to co-exist, but singles and tag team gold away from, what Nero calls, “the lousiest bunch of has-beens that hired a whippin’ boy”, sounds like a good idea.

Then again, not everyone would want to go at odds with W.A.R. Their reputation when it comes to notoriety and brutality is documented. The BloodBath match itself stands as the ultimate example as Nero was lucky to make it out alive from that match. Their last tag title defense saw mayhem when all of W.A.R. assaulted both Nero and Mike C. Not one of the superstars came to their aid, not till it was almost too late, till Alucard dropped from the rafters.

It was surreal! All of W.A.R. was shocked for that solitary moment to see Alucard instantaneously land perfectly in the ring from the rafters. The ranks of Wake All Reverie had to recollect and take their leave, out of sheer respect for Alucard, or for the shock & awe; regardless, Alucard was one person they didn’t expect to tangle with. A change in strategy needed, and a battle to fight another day.

Brave and heroic, STEALTH is thinking to himself right now. And of course, downright stupid! Alucard doesn’t need to be the exterminator of a plague he’ll wind up being alone in. Nero & Classy have never seen eye to eye with each other, let alone him. But it doesn’t take half a brain cell to figure out that those two are only opportunists waiting for the right moment. Alucard may find himself as the lone lancer when it comes to taking on a threat as W.A.R. Were it up to STEALTH, he would be there to either help fight W.A.R., or tell Alucard to leave this be and look towards becoming a star once again. But, every man to his own, probably, and STEALTH can’t be responsible for another man’s actions. He’s already watching over his shoulder for sudden briefcase shots.

Besides, Alucard can take care of himself, right?



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