The view from high above the rafters is a standard job requirement for broadcast camera crew. When promotions hire any camera crew, they make it a point to ask if they’re not scared of heights. A good dozen get fired a month whenever a camera’s dropped to the ground below. EUWC Camera crew has recently had to rely on remote cameras installed at the top. Not for the lack of volunteers, but only that the last cameraman on top almost scared himself to shit his pants when he ran into Lord Alucard. He was lucky to be caught by Alucard, and doubly lucky the spot below was occupied by a popcorn stand. The vendor was on a brb (bath room break). Lucky enough for the cameraman, so he didn’t need to get fired.

Shawn Michaels had dazzled sold out crowds with his patented slide from the rafters. Sting had created his mysterious persona every time the camera focused on the shadows of the rafters. Owen Hart had to kill himself to get the fans remember him forever. Alucard knows full well the risks involved in just standing up high. But his insistence to jump down to the ring at random has troubled management. To them, Alucard would have been a ticking time-bomb  though Matt Pickstock then became the happiest man alive. For a while he wanted Alucard out of the way, yet ‘suicide’ was one idea he never banked on.

Alucard of course, didn’t intend on suicide. He suggested the idea to be employed with the help of modern grapple cables to provide him the best possible descents. Along with a recent course in parkour had given him another edge. Alucard has taken falls from ladders and cages, so it really didn’t make any sense that he couldn’t land on his feet. Parkour had taught him some impressive techniques whereby he could drop with the cable detaching itself nearly 25 feet to the ground and Alucard would have to land on his own. The ring center was solidified for more stability and Alucard had mentally turned the center into a bulls-eye for a perfect landing. Last time’s descent was near perfect as Alucard had made his statement. W.A.R. and the EUWC had been put on notice.

Onslaught had been a wild night and Alucard had a hard time to figure out when to make an impact. The roster was so rowdy after the matches; Alucard had begun to suspect it was a ploy to draw him out. Kincaid & Hawkeye had no time to celebrate their contendership to the tag gold as W.A.R. had made their presence felt. Security managed to get this one under control as the #1 Contenders wouldn’t go down without a fight. Sean Taylor & Sevyn still didn’t settle their differences as the battled spilled out backstage.

It was the 8-Man Battle Royal to crown the new International Champion that caught Alucard by surprise. The vacant title was to be decided tonight, but only 7 had come to the ring. The last one, billed as the mystery participant, was nowhere to be seen. Still, the show must go on. Choker was the first one to get out early, but the surprise elimination was the big man Beast. Good sense prevailed as Jonathan Darkstar, Classy Mike C & Joe Boyer combined their efforts to eliminate W.A.R. early on while Nero had AOD occupied. Boyer was the next to fall by an ever opportunistic Mike C. Persistent as always, Alucard would think to himself, as he hadn’t forgotten the epic encounter with Mike C at Ultra Brawl last year. Jonathan Darkstar proved to be a different challenge altogether as he had Mike on the ropes literally, as Darkstar risked a walk to the rope. Risky indeed as AOD struck, shaking the ropes to drop Darkstar ‘s family jewels to the ropes, and eventually out of the match.

Well this is ironic. The tides were turned now as AOD was all alone against the two men he had viciously assaulted courtesy of his associates last week. Regardless, all three men put up a valiant showing, culminating to Nero trying to get AOD over the rope, followed by Mike C trying the same for both Nero & AOD.

And that’s when he appeared.

Unidentifiable as he wore a black ski mask and dressed in black t-shirt & jeans, this hulking behemoth jumped over the guard rail and entered the ring from behind. Doing the unthinkable, the stranger grabbed all three combatants and flipped them over the ring. Five seconds was the crowd silent and so was everyone else. Alucard was as shocked as anyone else. Five seconds, and the bell rang. The referee entered the ring as Kandi

Reed made the announcement.

“Your WINNER, and the NEW EUWC International Champion…”

The stranger wasted no time and snatched the belt from the referee. No revelations, no interviews, no hands raised in victory. He just snatched the belt and disappeared into the crowd, leaving everyone as confused as they could be. Alucard wanted to jump right then, but there wasn’t a point. Nero & Mike C would obviously b*tch on about it before they went on to look for the stranger. AOD would have his associates mobilized and ready to search the arena upside down. No need to waste his energies on this, regardless of the mystery it presented. Not while there’s still a main event to go. Not while there’s a World Title match next.

Alucard wouldn’t doubt STEALTH to be a bit relaxed, even when his opponent was T-Waring. Both veterans would know T-Waring had upped his game and would be on cloud nine after his dramatic victory over Mike C at Blood Bath. Still, as Alucard would always think for himself, STEALTH was World Champion for a reason, which he didn’t fail to show this night either. Alucard had expected the victory, as he did what was to happen next. For “the Ego-buster” had made his move. Well, Adam Benjamin at first, who knocked STEALTH down with a chairshot to the back. Rocko Daymon emerged as well to lay in a few kicks to a fallen Champ. T-Waring tried to do the right thing but earned a chairshot from “Yours Truly”.

“Ladies & Gentlemen,” Daymon with mic in hand, “The following match is for the World Heavyweight Championship!”

The boos resonated all over the arena. They reverberated loud enough to get Alucard’s pulse racing. This was the time, for sure.

“In this corner, the current World Heavyweight Champion, STEALTH!”

The music hit and sure enough, the ever so gleesome Ego Buster Dan Ryan made his way, briefcase in hand. Alucard could jump right now, but waited to see what would transpire. All he had to do was wait for the bell.

“And making his way to the ring, the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion…”

Dan Ryan had made his way to the ring to hand over his briefcase but the referee would have none of it. How these three could be so stupid, thought Alucard. The color commentary team echoed his sentiments perfectly.

“ Didn’t these idiots watch Bloodbath when Grayson won the match?!” a flabbergasted John Shaft had been compelled to ask. “Did they really think they could get away with it? The nerve!!!”

Scott Marchman was also in agreement “You’re right John, by all rights Cobris Grayson is the new Mr. Money in the Bank. The referee can’t obviously entertain this request as there’s currently no final verdict as to what would happen if a contract hasn’t been cashed in time.”
Indeed, that isn’t in the referee’s power. He can however, make for a nice crack to the skull with the brief case. The “Ego Buster” strikes again!


If Alucard could declare anything when he made his descent, it would have been that single word. The crowd went wild as Alucard scored another perfect landing! Lead pipe in hand, Alucard quickly dispatched Adam Benjamin and nailed Daymon to the side of the head! Dan Ryan eventually tried to tackle Alucard, but the veteran ducked and planted the pipe right between his head.

“Ego Busted!” Marchman exclaimed.

The ring cleared as Alucard stood tall, much to the fan’s delight. STEALTH passed a smile, seemingly to welcome “His Dominance” back to his rightful spot. Alucard could tell that this was once again going to be his time. A lot of thoughts ran through his head as to what avenues this event could open up for him. And that’s when the stranger appeared.

It was only when the crowd fell silent and confused did Alucard look to the stage. The stranger, the behemoth, the “new” International Champion makes his second appearance of the night. With the mask still on and the title belt in hand, Alucard had several questions on his mind. The same questions everyone else had right about now.
“Who Are you?”
“Why are you here?”
“How can you win that title?”

So many questions, with just one answer. The audience falls in shock and Alucard stands frozen…

“WHAT THE HELL!?!” Shaft exclaims.

The mask comes off…

“It just can’t be!!!” Marchman chimes in.

A stranger no more. Not to this audience. Not to the International title.  And certainly not to Lord Alucard…


“I can’t believe my eyes. He’s not just here, but LYNCH GARRISON IS THE NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!”

Garrison laughs maniacally as he raises his hands with the International Title. His laughter is directed at Alucard, who’s face is now devoid of any feeling. Alucard has always been the master when it came to expressing his thoughts through his face, but this time it’s as blank as a white page.

The crowd is silent. The laughter continues. The commentators ramble incoherently.

The nightmare begins.


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