Where does the wrestling business go when it needs to go shopping for new talent?

“Developmental territories, where else?”

Lynch Garrison was as happy as a man who had just brought himself a brand new prize truck. Of course, he wouldn’t be at this wrestling developmental facility if he wanted a new automobile. The Rover he’s had works just as well. What he did need however, was new talent. Raw, immature, completely unknown talented wrestlers that dream of making it big in the wrestling business. Dreams that either take years to fulfill, or are flushed down the toilet. That’s the kind of talent Garrison was looking for. It’s easier to get talent that can prove to be the right kind of muscle, as long as they were controllable. And “The Hazard” had the incentive to acquire what he needed here in spades.

He’s met with all kinds of amateurs here; the ones that were talented but too naive, ones that would do anything to get to the top, but weren’t that talented enough yet. Garrison had found three that had the talent, and the drive to achieve their dreams through any means necessary. Ever the opportunists, he thought. One more of these, and he’s done shopping. The three did have one other person in mind, but would be very hard to convince, as they thought of him to be a more private person, but very, very gifted in the ring. One look and Garrison knew he hit the mother-load  The kid had the height, the frame, the ability. Seeing the kid jump around in the ring a few times and he considered dumping the other three he had right now if he could get this guy on his side.

“Whats your name son?” asks Garrison as he approaches the kid on the bench.

“Whats it to…” (looks up and suddenly stands up) “Oh my God, you’re…”


“Mr. Garrison…”, the loner, now nervous than he’s ever been.

“You can call me ‘Sir’, that works too.”

“Right, uh, sir, Garrison, Sir! Wh-whu, how…”

“Relax kid; I’m not police if that’s what you’re worried about. I’m here because I got a sweet deal for ya. I can help you get out of this dump. Become a real wrestling star in the EUWC. Think of it as your lucky day!”

Garrison knew he shouldn’t force this boy to accept his offer. That’s why he’s thankful for that timeshare sales pitch he wasted an hour for a long time. Regardless, it wasn’t such a bad deal, if only the salesgirl wasn’t so difficult. Still, patience may pay off here.
“Uh, wow, this is… wow.”

This kid is a real dork; Nero would say right now, and even right to his face, Garrison thought.

“Yeah, ‘Wow’. But this is gonna be a two-way street kid. You would have to do something for me.”

“For you?” the boy is now downright confused and scared. “Oh, uh, I’m not so sure this is a good idea.?”

That’s when Garrison realizes why this kid is such an outsider. Talented, naive  he’s obviously had top talent scouts hounding him to get to their promotion, at the expense of something sinister. Being as long as he’s been in the business, Garrison knows about the kind of things top promoters have kids do to get into the business. Some of them have had relatively successful careers, not to talk about the divas. And then there are the ones that have a good word put in from someone in high places.

This kid, unfortunately, wasn’t that lucky.

“Yeah, see, I’m returning to the EUWC in a bit and those three you see there are already on board to be kinda my ‘entourage’. But I’ll let you in on a secret. If you’re on board, those three walk the plank. It’ll be just you, and trust me, you won’t regret it.”

“That’s great sir, but, what would I have to…”

“If you’re worried about doing something you don’t want to, don’t sweat it. I’m not one of those sleazebags that would want ‘something’ in return. All I’m asking is for your help in taking care of some business when I get back to the EUWC.”

“Ok, that sounds fine I guess. What exactly is it that you’re going to do?”

“Im going to go there, and get Lord Alucard. And I’m going to make him pay for all the pain he’s caused me.”

Garrison knows this will need to be the emotional kind of pitch, so he points to scars on his face. The kid is obviously sorry for what happened, but still looks worried.

“Make him pay? Like a lawsuit?”

“Not really! I’m going to hurt him. Hurt him more than he ever hurt me. Hurt him so bad, he’ll wish he were dead. And ya know what? I may even let him!”

“Wait, listen…” the kid is now sweating and shaking after hearing Garrison’s cold argument. “I’m sorry, but this, this isn’t my thing. I don’t know what you’re planning exactly, but it doesn’t sound like something that can end well. You may know what you’re doing, but I still have a life to worry about. I’m sorry, but this is beyond me.”

The kid is turning to leave when Garrison grabs his arm.

“Think real hard kid. Take it in slowly and think about what you’re throwing away here. This is a chance at a lifetime, and I can guarantee you won’t need to worry about your life after this. It’ll be smooth sailing after you’ve done what’s needed, but if you’re just gonna p***y out because of your damn conscience, I think I’ll let you get a meeting with Patterson and let you see how ugly it can turn into.”

Garrison had lost his patience, but surprising kept his cool. The kid had heard enough and managed to shake the big man’s arm off him. Garrison pouts and walks away with the rest of his ‘entourage’. When asked what happened, Garrison, cool and direct:

“He’s lost now.”


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