It’s the same dream every night. The same memory that haunts him whenever the lights go out. He remembers all too well what happened. Still, why does it keep coming back?

He is Lynch Garrison. A man well versed in inflicting punishment & pain. The same Lynch Garrison that, time & time again, injured more opponents than EUWC’s insurance could cover. There was always a sense of satisfaction every time an opponent lay motionless in the ring, & utter joy a medical crew came out. Still, despite such traits, there’s something that scares even the man known as “the Hazard.”

Bloodbath was the one time of year when Garrison would outshine. He had cemented his reputation in his first bb when he beat Paul Doom twice not just in a street fight, but also the bb match itself when Garrison shot doom right into the cage wall, knocking down the wall itself & 4 others hanging on for dear life. It truly was his favorite time of the year, which is why this memory haunts him. after all, to Garrison, bloodbath would equate to Christmas, so it makes sense that he’d be unhappy if his present was getting his head bashed into a car window. Yet that’s what happened, days before the event.

Lord Alucard.

For as long as he’s been in the EUWC, Alucard has been the one person Garrison hasnt overcome. Not for the lack of trying, but simply a lack of opportunity. They faced off on rare occasions, & for the rest of the times would be allies of sorts. They’ve been part of the regime ‘ maintained their grip on the brand. Afterwards both went on their separate ways on different shows.

For all the times he can think, Garrison has had no direct feelings for Alucard, but after spending weeks in a hospital, the only thing he feels now is hatred. Hatred & a thirst for vengeance.

Finally, after months of preparing, he’ll get his wish.

Hatred is an uncontrollable emotion. On its own, hatred isn’t focused but purely random. garison lived up to his reputation by laying waste to several hospital staff. Stitches at the face were something new to him, something he didn’t like at all. Something that the staff should have seen coming. The medical council is now considering providing gyms for staff.
It was only after being tied down to his bed did all his muscles stop, except of course his mind.

Not known for his intellect, Garrison found a way to channel all that anger into something more useful: vengeance.

Vengeance from Lord Alucard. Sweet, pure, fair… vengeance.


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