LESSON SIX: No Enemies

“He’s obviously not fit to be champion!”

Matt Pickstock, the CEO of EUWC couldn’t agree more. Especially if it’s coming from the one person who’s successfully taken the World Title from Sean Taylor in the past. “Classy” Mike C, the reigning International Champion is poised to get double gold, and his confidence has only increased tenfold ever since Taylor’s recent troubles.

“I know where you’re coming from Mike, but here’s the deal; you’re not the only one who wants a piece of Taylor. Granted you’re the only one with the most bragging rights, but if you get a title shot, I’ll have Kincaid coming in here asking for a rematch. Then you’ve got the usual suspects like Sevyn, AOD & Grayson… Then I’ll have to come up with some kind of solution that satisfies all of you, and take into account the fact that Taylor might not be able to handle that kind of pressure in one night. I DO have to draw the line somewhere.”

Both men stare at each other for a few seconds of still silence. Then, in unision…


“Haha… you almost had me there boss!”

“I know, right? I do crack myself up.”

“So anyways, now that you bring those other guys up, what have you got in mind?

“Well seeing as the time is ripe, tonight we’re going to have ourselves a World title match alright! It’s going to be monumental, and you know what? I think I’ll head down to the ring and break the news to our World Champion myself.”

“Good plan boss. Ready when you say so.”

“I say so now. Pad up!”


Sean Taylor arrived barely 15 minutes ago into the arena when a stage-hand informed him of his surprise match. Given his state of mind, Taylor feels as lousy as he’s ever been. Still, if he knows Pickstock’s timing, this is either vindictive or brilliant. Maybe both… especially both. Taylor can’t spare his thoughts on anybody else right now, despite how many times Pickstock has embarrassed him Not right now, not after all this…

Ever since he walked out of Superiority victorious, he’s forgotten what happiness has felt like. True, he did retain his title and also proposed to the woman he loved, but everything after that has gone straight to hell. He was forced to watch his love fall to injury and a coma in front of his very eyes and there was nothing he could do about it. He was forced to come to terms with his past in which he may have betrayed the trust of his only friend and mentor. His will has been tested to the extreme as he tries to find his bearings. All because of one person. One psychotic, twisted individual who has rattled Taylor to his core. Ironic though, because in another time and another place, Taylor could have been more to Tommy Trevor.

“Would you bring your attention to me please! I have, an important announcement to make here tonight.” The ever so confident CEO Matt Pickstock now stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand and in the midst of his audience, who spare no opportunity to let him know of their displeasure at his arrival.

“Keeping in view of all the recent events that have taken place, it’s the opinion of many backstage, and in my better judgment, that we have a problem involving the World Heavyweight Championship. You see, the World Title should be around the waist of someone who is confident, able, talented and above all, in the perfect state of mind to exert dominance over the rest of the superstars. Unfortunately, as we all saw before, that is no longer the case. So tonight…”

Before another word is uttered, Pickstock is interrupted by familiar music and the fans are on their feet for the World Heavyweight Champion Sean Taylor. With no expressions, no microphone, Taylor carries his World Title belt as he heads to the ring.

“Whoa hold it right there Taylor! Before you do something you regret…” Pickstock quickly utters as Taylor gets in his face. “Look let’s be honest here. You’re a mess! You need a break. You’ve had a lot on your plate lately and that can get to even the best. And really I understand that. I really do, even though for some reason it’s because of you that I’m out 3 talents. It’s because of you that three people these fans want to see are in the hospital But still, I’ll make this a once in a lifetime exception for you; hand the belt over, relinquish the title. Go home, get some rest, stay with Kandi. Get away from it all. What do you say?”

Taylor does not back down. Not for one instant. All the pent-up rage and he can’t even channel it out on someone. Well, not in this particular instant anyway.

“Okay tough guy, you had your chance. Don’t say I was never nice to you. Since you think you can take punishment and humiliation, I’m not going to take the easy way out and strip you of the title. Oh no, you deserve much worse. Right here, right now, the World Title is going to be on the line. And your challenger…”

The speakers blare once again as Taylor finally budges to turn around. His opponent from Superiority, the young upstart Braden Kincaid comes down to the ring, looking determined as ever. AS “The Thriller” enters the ring to stare down Taylor, Pickstock interrupts.

“Wait, wait… did I say ‘challenger’. My bad, I meant, challengers!

Just then, the crowd is confused as from behind the barricades, four superstars jump the rail and enter the ring, surrounding Taylor and Kincaid. Taylor looks around and sees Sevyn, Cobris Grayson, Angel of Death and the International champion ‘Classy’ Mike C, forming a deadly circle along with Kincaid. Taylor spots Pickstock squinting out of the ring and making an announcement.

“This match is a special 6-pack free-for-all challenge, with one fall to determine the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Gentlemen, have at it!”

Taylor’s face is full of contempt not just at Pickstock but everyone surrounding him. Everyone in this ring has a bone to pick with him, and all aspiring to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Taylor, like a cornered animal, looking around him now looks determined to pounce.

“Come on then. All of you!!!”

Taylor leaps up at Grayson and knocks him down with a flurry of lefts & rights, but the others pick him off and start pounding on the champion. Taylor does his best to get his hands of each of his opponents but the numbers don’t agree with him. Shortly, AOD holds Taylor’s arms from behind but Taylor uses this as a chance to dropkick Classy Mike C and toss AOD away! Taylor comes face to face with his nemesis Sevyn who’s just tossed Kincaid out of the ring. Sevyn hits the champ with a headbutt and whips him into the ropes. Sevyn runs at him with a body splash but Taylor moves out of the way and Sevyn crashes into the corner. Taylor grabs Sevyn and hits him with a reverse neckbreaker, but eats a kick to the face from a recovered Kincaid! Kincaid goes for a cover but is kicked in the head by Grayson, after which AOD hits Kincaid with a DDT! AOD, Classy and Grayson join in to stomp away at the fallen champion while Sevyn gets back up. Kincaid gets back up and gets into a fistfight with Classy, while AOD and Grayson hold Taylor up. Sevyn recovers and kicks Taylor in the gut. Sevyn grabs Taylor at the throat, but gets hit from behind with a steel chair!

MINE! You had your chance! He’s mine!

Sevyn turns around as Brett Force hits him square in the head with a steel chair, knocking him out cold! AOD runs at Force who simply kicks him in the gut for a chairshot to the back. Grayson manages to pull the chair away from Force and goes for a right hand but Force chops at him on the chest repeatedly!

I’ve planned this for a while now. I profiled all of you. Even you Grayson.

Force grabs Grayson in a rear naked choke hold and continues talking to him.

You’ve always felt inferior. You always thought less of yourself than your mentor Jay Smash. Not as smart and certainly not as special.

Grayson tries to fight back with a few elbows and goes for a right hand but Force grabs it and wrenches his arm.

You feel special now… now that he’s gone. Powerful, stronger. But not more powerful than ME!

Force finally finishes of Grayson with a backcracker! Classy Mike C, who has disposed of Kincaid at ringside, now re-enters the ring and confronts Force as both men lock up.

“Whoever or whatever you are… you’re way out of your league mate!”

You really think so? Anyone ever tell you you’re a real piece, Mike? You and I are a lot alike… both of us fought to get to the top, but you just can’t stay focused long enough. You get distracted too easily.

Force kicks Mike in the gut and hits him with an uppercut.

That’s where I’m better than you Mike. You don’t recognize that this is MY TIME! Not Yours!

Force finally hits Mike C with a body slam, knocking him out.

So stay out of it!

With all challengers incapacitated, the referee has no choice but to call for the bell, as Taylor gets back up. He surveys the scene around him as all his opponents are down & out. He turns to spot Force looking intently at him.

It wasn’t their time Sean. They’ll all be stronger though. Someday, when it’s their time. Right now… it’s all about you.



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