Lesson Five – No Lies

Why does he get talked into this?

Leo Silver should have thought of that earlier before getting knocked down. The last thing he remembers is getting hit from behind and fading out. Fading back in and he sees Sean Taylor and Brett Force going at it in the parking lot, with Brett getting the upper hand. Just what is it about this guy is what’s bothering him. Over the last 3 nights he’s successfully taken out some of EUWC’s finest and rattled the nerves of one of the greatest of them all. Well, Silver can admit ‘greatest’, but that would make him sound more generous considering he’s friends with Taylor. The real problem here is just how is this person untouchable, even after finding out who he is.

“No way! NO WAY!” did Taylor yell only moments ago when he threw away Briggs’ file on the floor. “It can’t be. It’s not possible… I would have known Briggs!”

“I can assure you I’m pretty thorough when I get intel, which is why it took so long. The photo STEALTH got is undoubtedly of one Tommy Trevor, resident of Oklahoma. Dropped out from Oklahoma U when he found out he was adopted. Tracked down his mother’s grave in Rochester and the adoption center where the Trevors found him. Discovered who his father was, tracked him down, had a paternity test done but it wasn’t necessary. Just looking at the kid and you knew who the father was. Brett Force.”

“Yeah that’s thorough!”

“I’m sorry Sean, but it is the truth.”

This is too much information as Sean Taylor drops into a nearby bench. As if the last 48 hours haven’t been the most traumatizing of his life, Taylor is now left to come to grips with the fact that he practically abandoned the son of his best friend and mentor. Not that there was any obligation, but considering he’s never even been at Brett’s funeral speaks volumes of how dissociated he’s been over the years.

“He was a good man Briggs. A good man! He never told me… he never would have…”

“Sean”, Silver interjects “I know you’re probably feeling guilty about this boy. Had you known and maybe you could have been there for him. Maybe he is blaming you for abandoning him, but there was no way you could have known.”

“Maybe,” Taylor gets up “but that doesn’t absolve him of what he did.”

That’s the last thing Silver remembers before being knocked down. He followed Taylor into the parking lot of the hospital where he’s now been ambushed.

You didn’t call the cops. If you wanted her safe you would have. Goes to show how much you care.

“Tommy. I know who you are Tommy. You can’t do this… you’re not well.”

He’s fine. Tommy Trevor is just fine.

Brett Force hits Taylor with an uppercut but Taylor stands still and manages to grab his shoulders.

“I know what happened to you Tommy.” Taylor tries to keep a straight face, even though he’s burning up inside. “You’ve been doing this out of some misplaced sense of revenge. I didn’t do anything to help you, I know… but that doesn’t give you the right…*gkkkk*”

Force clutches at Taylors throat…

Ignore Tommy! LOOK AT ME!!!

…and hits Taylor with a front kick which sends him crashing into parked bicycles!

You’re still not learning Sean. You’re not helping me to help you. You can’t control your anger. Let it out! Or I’ll…

You’ll do nothing!

Force only starts to turn when his shoulder is grabbed. Not even time for shock as Force is thrown towards the pavement!

Oh good. You.

Silver looks in shock. Not this, anything but this. What did you do Sean?

Force gets back up to face Lord Alucard, the other one; the one that can kill. The one now standing between him and Sean Taylor.

This is good Sean. I didn’t think you had it in you. Finally we’re getting somewhere.

You must answer for your crimes. I’ll see to that.

You can try.

Force leaps at Alucard with a flying kick but Alucard deflects it mostly because of the gauntlets.

I’ve had a chance to study you too, just in case… pretender.

Force’s gloved fist hits Alucard on the mask, who doesn’t feel it at all.

Not amused.

Force lets out a small groan of agony as Alucard slashes him with the claws.

So you’re here to protect him? He thought to end this once and for all. But I’m guessing he didn’t know the truth before. Perfect.

You’ve endangered many lives. You followed the coward’s path by hurting a woman. Like a rabid dog, you need to be shut down.

Said the pot to the kettle

Force starts with a flurry of punches to Alucard’s chest, who simply fazes them off once Force is done.

Don’t DO that.

Let me tell you a story though. It starts with a boy who steps into a man’s shoes, puts on a man’s clothes, is forced into a man’s world, and even manages to win a man’s war. But the problem is, he’s still a boy…

Force continues with his attack using elbow jabs on Alucard, who doesn’t seem to be too shaken.

…a boy who’s being lied to and who in turn lies to himself, and to everyone else.

Alucard goes for a right hand but Force manages to block it.

You’re not Lord Alucard. You’re a liar.

Force attempts a clothesline but Alucard ducks and hits Force with a lower martial arts kick to the jaw. Force crashes into the pavement far off as Alucard menacingly approaches him.

“NO! Stop!” Taylor steps in between and shoves Alucard away. Taylor turns around to see that Force has disappeared.


Taylor now faces an angered Alucard as Silver momentarily joins them.

“The situation has changed. I know who he is now. Taking him out your way isn’t happening anymore.”

“But it was such a good idea before, huh?” Silver finally speaks out. “How could you Sean? Losing your cool is one thing, but bringing HIM into the picture?” as he points to Alucard, “What were you thinking?”

“I didn’t know, okay? I didn’t know who he was.”

“So that made it perfectly alright to bring this guy out? And you!” Silver now turns his ire towards the man who attacked him just a few weeks ago. “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face again. I thought you were taken care of.”

Little man, remember your place.

“Okay stop! I’m taking care of ‘Force’ my way Alucard. And I don’t need you, or your kind of help.”

My kind of help…?

Alucard turns around and starts walking but halts…

He’s self-hypnotized.


He believes he is Brett Force, even though he’s not. He’s programmed himself to believe so.

“You’re talking about auto-suggestion?”

More than that. It had to be something traumatic that happened to him. Given his mind the slightest push to take on another persona entirely.

“That would still take him a lot of time.”

The real Brett Force has been dead for five years. He’s had all the time in the world.

Alucard finally walks away as Taylor looks at Silver for his expert opinion.

“Is what he said even possible?”

“It has happened before. And judging by claw-boy’s knowledge about it, I’ve got a hunch that he’s a pretty good expert on it too.”

“You mean…”

“Why not? Explains a lot about him doesn’t it. In fact now that he mentioned it, it’s very likely what his deal is.”

“You can focus on him later. Right now we’ve got problems of our own.”



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