LESSON TWO – No Lovers

As he enters the arena for MainFrame, Sean Taylor feels like the happiest man alive. Last night, he retained his World Heavyweight Championship and took the next big step of his life when he finally popped the question to Kandi Reed. To think that these two remain at odds with each other ever since they came to EUWC is a huge understatement, but it’s obvious that both just can’t stand to be without each other. And what better way to be together than commiting to each other forever.

“But we can’t get married!” Taylor recalls Kandi telling him last night when he presented her the ring. “We argue all the time, we can’t stand each other, and half the time we never agree to each other’s point of view!”

“Well, that’s what a marriage is supposed to be!” Taylor responded confidently, but deep down he remained nervous, more nervous than he’s ever been all his life. And for once, he was happy that Kandi agreed with him when she said yes.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face here!”

Taylor snaps out of his dream and groans. It takes him a fifth of a second to realize that the voice could belong to none other than Matt Pickstock, EUWC’s resident pain-in-the-ass, and CEO when he’s not busy. He’s flanked by EUWC Directors Michael Colin Briggs and Leo Silver. That’s a group you never see together.

“Just when my day couldn’t get any happier, you have to come up and ruin everything by just showing up. And why wouldn’t I show up Matt-o? In case you’ve forgotten again, I’m still the World Heavyweight Champion around here, so…”

“Don’t get cute with me!” Pickstock interjects quite angrily, “You know damn well what you did, and if it were up to me you’d be in jail right now, getting what you deserve for what you did!”

“Taylor, please pardon this whole thing,” Briggs finally speaks out, “but apparently you’re not aware of what happened. Last night, T. Waring was viciously assaulted next to his car in the parking lot after Superiority.”

“What?! Are you serious?”

“I do not kid. He’s in a hospital right now and in really bad shape. However when the medics crew got to him, they were able to hear him mutter “Taylor” before he passed out. And we’ve also been informed that you were the last person to meet Waring in the locker room.”

“Let me guess, it was that moron Nero! You really going to take his word for it?!”

“Then let’s hear it from you” Briggs asks politely, “Didn’t you meet Waring last night in the locker room?”

“Well yeah, I did, but we just talked about how our matches went and stuff. It was nothing antagonizing; we just talked.”

“Yeah, I bet you were all chummy!” Pickstock smirks as he speaks. “All I know is that I’ve got a talent out of commission because someone took him out really bad. And right now you’re suspect number one! So don’t you leave this building, because if Waring manages to press charges you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.”

Taylor looks at Pickstock in disgust, who just walks away with Briggs while Silver stays behind.

“Look Leo, I honestly don’t know what happened. Waring’s a good guy, and I do feel bad about what happened to him. But believe me, I did not attack him.”

“I do want to believe Sean.” Silver finally speaks. “But you will have to cooperate if the cops ask you. So you might as well tell me first, what happened after you two ‘talked’”.

“Sure, we talked and he headed out with his bag.”

“And you stayed in the building?”

“Well yeah, I went and met… Kandi…”

Silver raises an eyebrow for Taylor’s hesitation. “Kandi Reed? And then?”

“We went out.”

“So you headed to the parking lot?”

“No my limo came up front, so we went out the front entrance. You can ask Kandi if you want.”

“I will. Let’s hope for the best.”

Silver leaves Taylor behind as Taylor is now concerned. Is this another one of Pickstock’s stupid schemes? And who could possibly have taken Waring out this badly?


Kandi Reed is sitting in the make-up room, admiring her new prize; the diamond engagement ring that Sean Taylor presented her just last night. Words obviously can’t express what she’s feeling right now when Staci Seymore enters the room.

“Oh my God!” Staci exclaims, “Is that what I think it is?”

“I know!” Kandi replies, overjoyed. “I can’t believe it either! It finally happened after all these years. It took him long enough but he finally came around.”

“So spill already! Who’s the lucky prince charming?”

“Well, don’t tell anyone just yet because we don’t want it to be public yet. Its Sean.”

“Sean?” Staci’s expression turns from happiness to despair. “Sean Taylor?”

“I know, right?”

“Look Kandi, this isn’t the best idea…”

“Oh come on Stace, I know you obviously have the raw end of your deal with Nero, but maybe the pink pants are a sign really…”

“No it’s not that. I don’t think you’ve heard.”

“Heard what?”

Staci painfully informs her colleague of what happened to T. Waring, and how Taylor is currently suspect number one. Kandi is horrified at what she hears, but doesn’t believe it at all.

“No it’s not true. Sean couldn’t have done it. He was with me the whole time last night.”

“The whole time?” Staci wonders, “You mean…”

“Well, yeah.”

“Oh,” Staci realizes, taking a deep breath, “Well if that’s what happened, then you’ve gotta go talk to Pickstock or Briggs. They’re holding off the cops from getting to Taylor.”

“Well then let’s go!” Kandi gets up, as does Staci, “I’ll tell them that Sean couldn’t possibly have done anything to Waring.”

No, but I did.


Staci turns to see the stranger dressed in black shoving Kandi into a chair! Staci is shocked but tries to tackle the stranger anyway, who simply shoves her away towards the door.

Sean Taylor lacks the strength to do what I did. I’m here to fix that.

Kandi gets up and tries to throw a bottle at the stranger, who simply evades it. He quickly catches her wrist.

Precious. Jewels are precious.

He twists her hand and wrist, while leering right at the ring on Kandi’s finger.

You are precious to HIM. You love him. And he loves you. You can cause him great joy. But you cause him great pain.

Staci leaps behind the stranger and grabs his neck from behind. However he simply pulls her from her hair and tosses her into the coffee table, knocking her out!

You WILL cause him great pain. And the pain will make him stronger.

He slaps the face of Kandi which hits a nearby vase, knocking her out.

Lesson Two is almost over.




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