Scene from Chapter 7

(Still in the parking lot after having the “Not the Nero Wagon” get hijacked by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the league is more upset, especially Nero, who is continuously finger-pointing and yelling at Taylor.)

Taylor: Look, if you would have provided cover to the van like I asked you to, this would not have happened.

Nero: Cover? COVER!? That was a brilliant cover on the wagon. If you hadn’t been mocking that brilliant plan again and again, my wagon would still be with me. My wagon, (sob) my beautiful wagon…

Taylor: Oh geez, you’re not gonna go over-emotional on this are you?

Nero: (pulling out a photo-album from his jacket) I’ll never forget all the good times that we had together, (camera shows the pictures including Nero and wagon. Different pictures include Nero with some girls washing the wagon. Then at the beach, at a drive-in, etc) you were such a beautiful wagon.

Classy: My word, he has an album with pictures of his van in it!

Alucard: And they call ME obsessive.

[Alucard then wipes away some dust off his leather coat and straightens his glasses as Taylor watches him.]

Taylor: I hear that. [holding on tight to the EUWC Rulebook]

Alucard: [Noticing the Rulebook for the first time] Uh, how… long… have you been holding that book?

Taylor: How long? I don’t think I’ve ever let go of it, ever.

Alucard: O…kay, and where, may I ask, is the EUWC World Heavyweight Title?

Taylor: [Clutching the Rulebook with affection] Uhhh, what…World Heavy…Weight…Title?

Alucard: I see; I held on to the very belt for a 144 days and he loses it just like that [mutters something under his breath.]

Taylor: You say something?

Alucard: NOTHING! Just a curse on your very soul…

Nero: Yeah I bet you’re considering giving me a title shot right about now, huh Boredy?

Alucard: [confused] Why did you just mention a storyline that hasn’t happened yet but is a possibility for the future?

Nero: No reason. But it would have been awesome if I *sob* had a picture of me with the belt & THE WAGON!

Taylor: Isn’t there a picture of it running over you?

Nero: Yeah Garrison did accidentally knock me over with it once, but we didn’t have a camera that time cos…HEY!!!




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