LXW End Credits

[Note: The following is purely a work of fan-fiction and does not intend to infringe in any way any intellectual properties of their respective owners.]

EUWC Films


In association with

Happenstance Productions


Muhammad Ali Samejo


The League of Extraordinary Wrestlers


Sean Taylor

The Leader


The Weasel

Classy Mike C

The Unnoticeable Wrestler

Lord Alucard

The No-seller

Lynch Garrison

The Powerhouse


The Villain

Paul Doom

The Heat Sucker

Jay Smash

The Squealer

Vince McMahon

The Boss

Casey Torpid

The Usually Unconscious Driver

Supported by:

Shelton Benjamin

Garrison Fodder


Just Couldn’t Shut UP!

 Josh Mathews

Apple Spit Victim

The Undertaker

The OTHER No-seller

John Cena

The Marky Mark Wannabe


The OTHER Weasel

Kevin Nash

The Beer Drinking Idiot

Scott Hall

The OTHER Beer Drinking Idiot

Bill Goldberg

The Junkyard Owner


The Big-time Loser, Everywhere

The Bashams

Wanted to do OJ

Orlando Jordan

The Naked Black Guy in the Trunk


Holding a mime

Randy Orton

The Cake Stealer


Hollywood Hulk Hogan

The Hall of Famer

Inspired by

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation

World Wrestling Entertainment

Screenplay by

Muhammad Ali Samejo

The Nero Wagon designed by

The guy who designed Austin Power’s Swinger 2 and The Mystery Machine

Special thanks to:

Rob Van Dam’s Comic Book Shop

“Enjoy the Chill Pills, Rob. Sorry about the shop.”

Bret “The Hitman” Hart

“Thanks for letting Garrison off the sharpshooter. BTW Classy DID take one of your books. Thanks for having it pre-signed also.”

Bill Goldberg’s Junkyard

“Ruin Wrestlmania 20, will you?”


“In recognition of your efforts to try and keep Jay Smash’s mouth full so he couldn’t talk, but alas. Oh well, you gave it your best shot.”


“For not giving the n.W.o. too much beer.”

JBL’s limo

“Next Time, keep OJ on a leash.”

Royal Bakers

“Classy should have paid your bill, but unfortunately…we can’t find him. As for the sandwiches, please contact Vince McMahon, CEO World Wrestling Entertainment.”


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