Customer (NO) Care

One of the best things about being committed was getting presents. I know the kind of sentiments I felt the first time my dear wife gave me my first present. Unreal, fantastic and of course; indescribable. The feeling is always mutual, and I know for a fact that she loves presents like anything. Especially anything that’s gift wrapped.

So one time, she was pretty excited about a newly launched music phone back in 2008. The ads for it were viral enough to get her attention and she was gaga crazy over it. So me, as the doted fiancé, would make every effort and eventually learn the value of the rupee. Not that I was a cash waster, I would never waste a lot of money (read: a LOT) but I have always been lectured on managing money. So this time, I finally saved up enough cash to buy the cell phone brand new (seal packed and everything.)

Best part was that it was just in time for her birthday; coincidentally it being her first birthday we celebrate together. Gotta tell ya, the look on her face was just precious. Maybe it was the carefully selected gift wrapping, the size of the box… I dunno. Could be anything.

And there it was: her brand new Nokia 5610 Xpress Music with Red Trim.

Of course, happiness has that time when it just turns off every now and then. In this case, it was about 6-months later when an unfortunate accident caused a lot of damage to the phone, requiring immediate repair. Luckily, the warranty had hardly been used, so off I went to Karachi’s Nokia Care. They were pretty thorough; took in the phone, scanned the warranty the phone had with the other warranty provider, identified the problems, told me the wait time, no repair costs involved etc. As smooth as pie, I was about to get my cell phone a week later.

I guess it was destined to be this way. Its not everyday that I buy a new cellphone for my fiance that ends up damaged 6-months later that compels me to visit the brand’s service center and have it repaired free of cost, or else I wouldnt have witnessed this incident, now would I?

While I was collecting my phone from one of their Customer Service Staff and going over a few details, another staff member sitting next to him wanted to ask him something. She said the customer she was dealing with has a very unique concern.

The Concern:

How to remove the Camera feature from his Cell Phone.

Just so you thought I was kidding up there, here it is again…

The Concern:

How to remove the Camera feature from his Cell Phone.

Okay? Good, moving on.

The response of the guy:


This is what it really looked like though:

Something like that, yeah…

Now everyone, let’s admit it: The notion of the above concern is outrageous as it is funny indeed. Considering I’m in customer services for a living and a pretty tech-savvy guy, I myself couldn’t help but smirk a little when I heard it. But that smirk was nothing compared to the service staff’s response who found the situation to be very funny. I also admit that this was purely a case of a customer not knowing the plain logics of why the above concern couldn’t be resolved, but being laughed at by someone who owes you their time and commitment is not a funny matter whatsoever. Imaging the embarrassment the customer had to suffer due to this. The service person could have politely explained the situation to him, no laughs included, but instead, well, you get the idea.

To add even more insult to injury, the CSR also asked if this was the same customer who called earlier today. When he got the affirmative answer, he went on even more with “Oh yeah, we were discussing this back in the lab today, really funny stuff dude, had a hearty laugh” etc.

If any customer services are reading this, then my Brothers & Sisters, this has to teach all of us something. While it’s a norm that we relate all of our funnier experiences amongst each other during lunch breaks or post it on (btw: DEFINITELY a must visit site), it does not have to happen when the customer’s sitting right in front of you. Just so you know customers do have their rights. They have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter how naïve/irate/stuck-up/@$$holistic they might be. It shows the level of professionalism and commitment to your field. The fact that this was a worldwide recognized brand’s CSR makes it even more disappointing at their attitudes.

Customers also have the right to speak to the supervisor or manager if they feel the little bit of hurt coming from the staff too. Of course, anyone in Pakistan will admit that the slightest nudge here can lead to a verbal spat or a fistfight in a matter of seconds. Yeah we watch a lot of action movies and turn “Sanjay Bobby Dutt Deol” a lot every now and then. It’s almost how anyone in New York would argue just because they accidentally shoved past you while walking. The customer here might have been naïve and didn’t really know what to do, except probably feel sorry for himself, as if he had asked something stupid. Well, he didn’t, and if he knows that then he would never have accepted such an attitude.

So folks, if it sounds funny, it is funny; most of the times anyway. But don’t let the customer, or anyone for that matter, know that, at least not to this extreme.

Till Later…

P.S. To those wondering, just don’t use the camera. 😛


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